GetNow.pk Store Will Offer Up to 70% Discount on This Ramadan

ramadan online shopping deals 2018

Just as Easter the most commemorating event in Europe, Ramadan is the holiest month in Pakistan and in all the Muslim countries of the world. People wait the entire year for this month to fast and perform good deeds. It has a natural impact on one’s personality as it trains a Muslim to be a better person. The fasting routine of Ramadan throws all the negativities out of the soul and Muslims are rewarded for it. They celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr right after this month as a gift of fasting for thirty days. Since it is a commemorating event, Muslims start preparing for it in Ramadan. Therefore, they do a lot of shopping in this month. Now, save up to 70% of your money by availing the special Ramadan discount offered at Getnow.pk.

What’s There in the Ramadan Discount Offer?

The Getnow.pk is an all-in-one online marketplace where you find everything right in one place. Therefore, the discount is offered on the entire product range be it cosmetics, watches, or other accessories. Ramadan isn’t just a holy month; it’s more of a shopping eve for Muslims. To make this Eid more exciting than ever, shop at Getnow.pk and save a huge amount of your money. You may not need some products such as the face slimming masks and the baby carrier belts urgently, but they might be your utmost need later on. Be a smart buyer and buy them now at 70% discount rates that is something not-to-be-missed-at-all!

Why Should You Shop at Getnow.pk?

Shopping is a helluva task especially while you are fasting. In Pakistan, Ramadan online sale is going to be celebrated in summers this year, which means, the scorching sun is going to take all the energy out of your body. Would you dare to go out in the heat for shopping when you have an opportunity of buying things at your fingertips that are available on 70% discount?  No, you wouldn’t because it wouldn’t be a witty approach. Furthermore, Getnow.pk is an all-in-one store and the range of its products is very wide. You can get almost anything right at one place and at a fairly reasonable price. What is more, you are never time bound for shopping here.  Also, such exciting deals are rarely found anywhere else except during the Black Friday sale. Now, you can get similarly striking offers in Ramadan and enjoy your Eid more than ever.

Furthermore, Getnow.pk has customer-friendly services. The customer care department is always ready to assist you during Ramadan as well. Despite the seasonal rush of customers, you won’t face any delays or hindrances in assistance and delivery. The management has expertise in handling the increased customer traffic; therefore, buyers are always assisted with care. And last but not the least, shopping at Getnow.pk is free of complexities. The sale bar is located at the home screen with a yellow “shop now” button. All you have to do is tap on it and get your hands on the entire product list on sale. Add them to cart and proceed to checkout; as simple as that!