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Salad Chef in Pakistan

Salad Chef

 1,500  1,099
Magic Bullet Juicer Machine in Pakistan

Magic Bullet Juicer Machine

 4,999  3,499
Original Nicer Dicer Plus Chopper in Pakistan

Original Nicer Dicer Plus Chopper

 1,200  899
MAGIC PAN in Pakistan


 3,000  2,899
Vegetable Spiral Cutter in Pakistan

Vegetable Spiral Cutter

 1,399  899
Mini Stainless Manual Grinder in Pakistan

Mini Stainless Manual Grinder

 1,400  1,099
Bolo Rolling Knife - White & Green in Pakistan

Bolo Rolling Knife – White & Green

 900  749
Gotham Steel Nonstick Indoor Stove Top Grill BBQ in Pakistan

Gotham Steel Nonstick Indoor Stove Top Grill BBQ

 2,999  2,199

Rotary Peeler | 3-In-1

 1,800  1,250
Cake Decorating Kit in pakistan

Cake Decorating Kit – White

 999  699
Slice o Matic In Pakistan

Slice o Matic

 2,499  1,650
New Genius Veg-O-Matic in Pakistan

New Genius Veg-O-Matic

 2,450  1,550
Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Speedy Chopper in Pakistan

Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Speedy Chopper

 1,499  999
cotton candy maker in Pakistan

Cotton Candy Maker

 5,500  4,099
Heat Resistant Chef's Bottle Kit - Green in Pakistan

Heat Resistant Chef’s Bottle Kit – Green

 600  449
Burger Press Patty Maker in Pakistan

Burger Press Patty Maker

 1,099  549

Chef Basket – Silver

 999  625

Herb Mincer

 999  699

Buy Kitchen Accessories in Pakistan at Best Prices at Getnow.pk

Kitchen accessories include all the products necessary for a fully functional kitchen. We at Getnow.pk have a broad range of juicers, coffee machines, blenders, food processors, grinders, microwave ovens, sandwich makers, refrigerators & freezers and much more for you to complete your kitchen. Having all these kitchen appliances at home allows you to be better equipped to make whatever you want within your kitchen.

Getnow.pk store helps you to complete your home by providing all these kitchen & dining accessories online, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of going to crowded markets for buying best quality kitchen appliances or finding appliances with warranty as Getnow.pk provides a one stop shop experience for all your kitchen needs. You can get access to all of the kitchen appliances from the top brands such as Anex, Westpoint, Philips, Nova, Sinbo, Dawlance, Samsung, Kenwood, LG, Haier, Sencor, Waves, Orient and many others. Shop online at Getnow.pk store to find all kitchen accessories in Pakistan that you need. With cash on delivery we guarantee the best and lowest kitchen accessories prices in Pakistan online with the facility of Free & Fast shipping all over Pakistan.

Essential Kitchen Items Every Household Must Have

Cooking is a lot easier and fun task when you have the right kitchen gadgets available in your kitchen. Consider buying these items as an investment since they will be used for quite a long term. Piling up accessories can be an overwhelming task, so you must cautiously consider the usage of items before finally deciding to buy them.

Here are few of the kitchen items you must buy.

  • Beaters and whiskers

Beater machines have upgraded your lifestyle a lot by improving the food quality and reducing your time spent in the kitchen. Whether you simply want to eat an omelet or bake a cake, a beater is an essential kitchen appliance. With their modern designs and latest technology, these beaters can mix many food items that are otherwise hard to chop or grind. To add taste to your food, you must buy stainless steel beaters with advanced features so that the ingredients can be beaten faster and much more efficiently.

  • Choppers

A kitchen chopper provides you a balanced meal. The not only slice the ingredients, but also grind them to give you a healthy and tasty meal. Made of stainless steel, the interior of these choppers is quite advances and has powerful blades that can chop fruits and vegetables, even the large ones. They are easy to clean so no issues of hygiene can be related to them.

  • Salad cutters

Preparing a quick, healthy meal requires less time with a salad cutter. These are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can shape your fruits and vegetables in any way to add to their presentation. Some of the advanced cutters do not require even peeling off. You can add the ingredients in them as they are so very little time of yours is being consumed in the kitchen.

Get your Required Kitchen Appliances today!

Kitchen appliances in Pakistan are all available at Getnow.pk at affordable prices so you can sit back at home and view the stock online.

Depending on your budget and feasibility, you can buy top quality kitchen accessories in Pakistan from Getnow, where numerous brand items are available for sale.

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