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Pack of 6 Mac Lipsticks

 1,525  1,299

Pack of 10 Lakme Lipsticks (Free) Lakme Kajal

 1,674  1,499

Pack Of 10 Lakme 9 To 5 Lipsticks

 1,600  875

Pack of 12 Lakme Matte Lipsticks

 1,800  1,199

Pack of 6 Medora Matte Lipsticks

 1,200  899

Pack of 10 Etude Lipsticks

 1,300  1,199

Pack of 12 MAC Original Lipsticks

 1,199  899

Pack Of 12 Naked 3 Lipsticks & 6 Baby Lips Balm Free

 1,600  1,199

Pack of 6 Naked 2 Lipsticks

 2,000  1,099

Pack of 10 Lakme Lipsticks

 1,450  1,199

Pack of 6 Aqua Lipsticks

 1,299  1,199

Pack of 10 Matte Lipsticks with Kajal

 1,200  750

Pack Of 10 Lakme Lipsticks With Lakme Eyconic Liner & Kajal

 2,024  1,399

Pack of 6 Lakme Matte Lipsticks

 1,349  949

Pack of 6 – 24 Hours Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Gloss

 799  699

Pack of 6 Long Lasting Lip Tattoos

 699  499

Pack of 6 Ammy Matt Lipgloss

 799  699

Pack of 6 WOW Long Lasting Water Proof Peel Off Lipstick

 1,249  999

Buy Lipsticks Online in Pakistan at Affordable Prices

If we look back into the history of lipsticks, they were fist used in ancient Mesopotamia. The women back then used crushed semi-precious jewels for beautifying their lips. The use of lipstick has become more and more popular over the past and today lipsticks create an annual $7.6 billion global industry. To buy lipsticks in Pakistan out of a plethora of lipstick brands available at GetNow is quite a job, which is why, has created a guide for all the fashion lovers out there.

Buy Lipsticks from all Renowned Lipsticks Brands in Pakistan

Are you are seller of women’s cosmetics who has in stock all the renowned lipsticks brands in Pakistan and are seeking an opportunity that could help you make money online? Your search ends here! is the leading online shopping store of Pakistan where you can sell all your products to thousands of potential customers each day. Whether you are an authorized retailer of Medora lipsticks or you are selling all popular brands like Revlon, Maybelline etc.

Types of Lipsticks Available Online

No matter you are just doing a research about the lipsticks prices in Pakistan or you want to buy the right product for your makeup needs, please read’s guide on types of lipsticks available at the online store.

Moisturizing Lipsticks

If you are looking for a lip makeup that ensures shiny and moist appearance for your lips, you should opt for the moisturizing lipsticks by Christine or any other renowned brand. These lipsticks contain extra moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, aloe etc. for hydrating your lips.

Matte Lipsticks

As the name implies, if you are seeking a lipstick that doesn’t produce a shiny and glossy finish, you should opt for the matte lipsticks. They are available in metallic or color-rich lipstick shades. The matte lipsticks comprise a higher level of color pigments and no emollients.

Long-wearing Lipsticks

As the name suggests, they are for women who do not want their lipsticks to fade off within a few hours. These lipsticks could remain intact and perfectly balanced for many days. The long-wearing lipsticks are available in shiny, glossy and color-intense finishes.