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Belly Burner Weight Loss Belt

 1,800  1,199

Pack of 2 Hot Shaper Belts

 1,500  999

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Belt

 1,400  849

Slimming Belt Tummy Support Post Pregnancy Abdominal Binder

 1,550  1,099

Insta Slim Belt

 2,475  1,799

Hot Belt Power in Pakistan

 3,825  1,800

Sports City Hot Shaper Belt

 1,500  699

Sauna Massage 2 in 1 Fitness Belt

 3,000  2,399

Soft Ankle Weight 1 kg

 1,399  1,099

Pack Of 3 Hot Shapers (1 Belt +1 Trouser + 1 Bra)

 2,999  1,999

Vibroaction Slimming Belt

 2,124  1,799

Miss Belt Instant Hourglass Shaper

 1,550  1,099

Neoprene Waist Trimmer Belt

 1,399  1,199

Leather Weight Lifting Belt – 4 Inches Width

 1,349  1,099

Invisible Tummy Trimmer in Pakistan

 1,500  1,099

HBT Waist Trimmer Ab Belt

 1,899  1,199

Slim Sauna Belt

 1,699  1,199

Vibro Shape Slimming Belt

 3,600  2,799

Buy Body Shapers in Pakistan at Affordable Prices from

Every woman has her own figure size and shape and she’s beautiful in her own special way. However, many women want to appear slimmer than they actually are in order to look more attractive and beautiful. This is where the body shapers for women come in handy. So if you are also one of the women around who want to hide unsightly bulges and bumps in the body, you are at the right place! Getnow has all the authorized retailers of ladies body shapers in Pakistan onboard with their comprehensive range of products available at amazing prices. The body shapewear is a category of underwear that is used for smoothening body curves and for ensuring more sex appeal.

Briefs Shapewear

The shapewear briefs that are also known as the slimming panties look just like the regular ladies undergarment but they come with added features that offer extra support to the butts as well as the lower abdomen. The shapewear briefs help lifting the buttocks and lessening the tummy. They are just right choice for wearing under the skin tight jeans.

Girdles Shapewear

The shapewear girdles are special undergarment that envelop the torso area as well as the buttocks to ensure a very slim and smart figure. The two popular types of girdles include panty girdles and long leg girdles. This shapewear goes up to the torso area just under the bust. It helps slimming down the waist and emphasizing the bust and derriere.

Camisole Shapewear

The camisole shapewear offers special support to the bust and holds the tummy area. The camisoles look like regular tank tops and camis. They are made especially for use under other clothes. Apart from making a woman’s body appear slimmer than usual, they camisoles also help smoothing out bumps that are caused by the bra straps.

Bottom and Combination Shapewear

All those women who are seeking coverage of each and everything below the bust and above the knees should opt for the bottom and combination shapewear. These slimming suits for women are good for use under the pants, jeans and any other ladies dresses. If you do not have a perfectly smart body but you want to enjoy tight dresses, the bottom and combination shapewear is an ideal choice for you. Moreover, the panty lines that are visible under the tight dresses are also smoothened by this type of shapewear for women.

Full Body Shapewear Belts

As the name suggests, the full body shapewear is for compressing each and every part of your body and making you look super slim. All the necessary parts of the body are covered by this body shaper. These body shapers go past the knees like a catsuit while offering great deal of coverage to the whole body.

Buy Slimming Vests for Men & Women in Pakistan

If you are a retailer of slimming trousers and all other types of body shapewear, you need searching no more. Getnow has them all onboard at prices that are beyond your expectations. So what’s the wait? Start selling online at Getnow today!