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Full Black Gum Shape Lighter in Pakistan

Full Black Gun Shape Lighter

 1,000  799
snap n grip in pakistan

Snap n Grip

 1,000  599
Snap n Grip

Pack Of 2 Snap & Grip Tools

 2,800  1,599
Adjustable Heavy Hand Gripper in Pakistan

Adjustable Heavy Hand Gripper

 1,650  699
Thumb_INGCO 180 mm Cr-V Combination Pliers in Pakistan

INGCO 180 mm Cr-V Combination Plier

 1,099  949
Mini Die Grinder in Pakistan

Mini Die Grinder

 2,600  2,449
Lazer Bond 3 Second Rapid Repair in Pakistan

Lazer Bond 3 Second Rapid Repair

 1,099  899

High Power Car Vacuum Cleaner

 1,200  799
Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-Purpose Tool Kit in Pakistan

Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-Purpose Tool Kit

 999  649
31 in 1 Universal Magnetic Screw Driver Kit in Pakistan

31 in 1 Universal Magnetic Screw Driver Kit

 850  650
Glue Gun In Pakistan

Imported Glue Gun with 10 Free Glue Sticks

 1,299  949
Drinkware Water Bottle Dispenser - White in Pakistan

Drinkware Water Bottle Dispenser – White

 1,000  799
Top Tools Set 4 Pcs in Pakistan

Top Tools Set 4 Pcs

 1,099  799
Pops a Dent

Pops a Dent

 1,999  1,799
45 in 1 Screw Driver Tool Kit in Pakistan

45 in 1 Screw Driver Tool Kit

 1,499  999
Hand Held Lighted Magnifying Glass Magnifier in Pakistan

Hand Held Lighted Magnifying Glass Magnifier

 1,000  899
Car Dent Remover in Pakistan

Car Dent Remover

 1,499  1,099
Lighter Burning Torch in Pakistan

Lighter Burning Torch

 2,300  1,999

Buy Power Hand Tools in Pakistan Online at Getnow.pk

Generally people who like to use their own tools are able to fix little household items or carry out basic car maintenance on their own. With a power tool kit at hand, it makes no sense to call an electrician, plumber or mechanic for every menial task when you can do it yourself. With such services often being expensive and unreliable, being able to carry out such tasks saves on a lot of time and money.

Whether a person is building their new house from scratch, renovating it or just making a few additions here and there, a few necessary tools are essential. These tools will make the entire process easier and quicker. Shoppers who are looking for power tools in Pakistan can now get them online at GetNow.pk. There is wide range of tools at affordable prices for the buyers here at Getnow.pk. Also there are several bundle deals like buy one get one free or sets of different tools at one reduced price. These deals will allow the buyers to buy more tool at affordable prices.

Several Types of Power Tools Available Online

Fixing your children’s toys or setting up a new nursery is also something many people wish to be able to do at home. Gardening tools are also essential items for men and women who appreciate natural beauty around them and want to revamp or maintain their garden. So from a basic electric screwdriver, wrenches, power tool kits, electric drill, electric saws and so many other tools, buyers can pick and choose the ones they want online at Getnow.pk store. Here is a list of all the tools that buyers can now buy. Shoppers can easily get the type of tools suit their needs and requirements.


Saws are used to cut strong materials like wood or steel. There are different types of chainsaw that buyers can get for themselves. Depending on the kind of work to be done, shoppers should select the kind of shape and design. The different saws include; band saws, circular saws, table saws and jigsaws. Each type of the mentioned saws have a different purpose which shoppers should know before getting one.

Drill Machines

When it comes to choosing drill machines, buyers should be very careful. The most common type of drill is the hand drill which is used for drilling holes, fasten bolts or screws. For household work, pistol drill machines work well because the grip is a little light. For other heavy machinery related work T handles work well.

Screw Drivers

Shoppers can choose from a set of screw drivers or one electric screw driver. It is recommended that buyers should get a tool box in Pakistan because it includes all the essential tools required for a task. There are many power tools that come in kits which will help the users in so many ways. The kits also have several impact tools as well like wrenches.

Benefits of Owning Power Tools Kit

Buyers can now buy all types of power tools in Pakistan online for their house and office from Getnow.pk. Completing all those piled up maddening household chores and getting them out of your way once and for all is now just a matter of a few clicks away. Use electric drill machines to hang television screens, paintings and frames to the wall or electric chainsaws to chop off trees in the backyard. Moreover the multitasking hi-tech technician tool kit is perfect for fixing everything from pipe leaks to electronic breakages.

With 50 pieces tool kits available in Pakistan only at Getnow.pk, shoppers can easily fix every problem in their house. All these electronics and power tools usually come sorted out and organized in a compact zip up bag so you can find anything you are looking for in an instant. Also store away your tools easily, without having to worry about them getting lost or dusty. These days’ people are keeping car tool kits in their cars which helps them fix problems like tire punctures right away. Instead of going to the car workshop, your very own mobile tool kit is available 24/7.

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