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How to Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Are you a shopaholic but you abhor going out and spending hours on buying a product? Do you find online shopping fraudulent? Well, purchasing via the web is handy, but one has to be smart enough to do it. You need to get enough knowledge about what and what not to do while shopping online in order to save yourself from cyber crime and other related issues. There are, in fact, certain questions that you must ask yourself before placing your order online. Proceed through the post to know what these questions are.

Use Credible Sources Only

You would pretty much agree with me when I say, “the growth of e-commerce business is beyond control.” Since a massive amount of retailers are investing in this arena, the group includes a mixture of both credible and non-credible sellers. Therefore, you gotta filter out the good ones among the bad. The question is how will you do that? Well, it isn’t that difficult! The first thing to do is keep a keen eye on which stores are in and which ones are out. Basically, you have to check out which ones are loved by customers. Make a list of the good ones and then read their customer reviews thoroughly. You will find some negative reviews even in the credible stores. The point is you have to see the majority. If most of the buyers give satisfactory feedback, then it’s worth it, otherwise, it’s not.

Save Yourself From Cyber Crimes

The Internet is never safe from cyber crimes and because it is interlinked with e-commerce business, there’s a lot of fraud in it. You must ask yourself whether the source of the Internet you are using is safe or not. Never, I repeat, never use a public internet for online shopping. Your credentials are important and they must not go public. So, make sure the Internet is your personal and you are safe from cyber crimes.

Read all the Policies and Ask Your Queries Before Placing Orders

This is a very important question because the product quality and appearance might vary from what you saw on the digital screen. Therefore, you must first read the return and exchange policy of the store you are buying from. Most of the stores such as Getnow & Buyoye allow seven-day return policy, but there are some that don’t allow it at all. What is more, a few stores also mention that the color of the product might vary from the picture due to technical issues. So, always do your homework before spending your money.

Use Only Https Address

Every time you browse through a link, look whether it starts with HTTP or https. Always continue shopping with the latter because these addresses are secure. These websites use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that keeps your personal information safe. While going through the products, you will encounter some pop-up windows asking for sensitive information. Avoid sharing delicate information that you feel isn’t necessary for online shopping.

Best Products For Women To Get Rid Of the Unwanted Hair

The biggest nightmare of a girl’s life is to remove the unwanted hair from her body. Nothing is as loathing as those grassy appearances on your body. Because it takes a hell of a lot more effort to remove them and get a clear skin, girls find multiple ways to ease this task. You have several options including waxing, razor, threading, sprays, etc, but not all are effective. The ones that are quick and easy, such as shaving, make your skin rough, while others that smooth your body, like waxing, are tiring. A girl needs a combination of both: a method that is easy-to-apply and makes skin soft and silky. Here are top five hair removing products that give you exactly what you search for.

Nair Hair Removal Spray

If you are in search of something that would last longer than shaving, then this product is just what you are looking for. It is made in the U.K. with biological friendly ingredients that leave your skin soft and smooth after applying. You just have to take it in the shower and apply it before the body wash. It simply rinses off in the shower and enables you to get rid of the unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. The Nair hair removing spray is easy to use and its 200 ml bottle is available at reasonable prices from

Slique Hair Threading Kit

Every girl needs a spa-like relaxing treatment to take care of herself now and then. But, the problem is spa visits are expensive and not everyone can afford it. Other than that, some women don’t get the time out to treat themselves. Well, it isn’t something to worry about because the Slique hair treading kit gives you just as relaxing treatment as a spa. It gives you an amazing painless hair-removing experience without skin irritation. Moreover, it is a time-tested and proven technique that is totally sterile hygienic and mess free. Unlike other hair removing products, it removes hair from the root that ensures slow regrowth.

Electric Hair Threading Machine

It is a beauty threading machine that is perfect for facial hair removal. This electric hair remover is safe and easy to use. It pulls the unwanted hairs directly from the roots; thereby leaving your skin smooth and soft and giving professional results just in a few minutes. The size is just as equal to a pen i.e. approx.19.5cm/7.7″ in length and the handle length is approx.4.5cm/1.8″. Therefore, it is easily portable anywhere at all. It is made up of polypropylene and stainless steel that ensure high quality. The electric hair threading machine is suitable to remove hair from the forehead, cheeks, and chin and available at affordable prices.

new year shopping sale in Pakistan

New Year Sale is Now Live at Online Shopping Store

It’s time to say goodbye to the year 2018 and welcome the New Year 2019. Apart from doing a lot of self-promises, we all do a bundle of shopping to add joys to this event. If you are looking for discounts to say an economical goodbye to this year, then is the place for you. Have a financially-friendly hello to the coming year and shop abundantly at the store. The New Year sale has everything you need on daily basis and they are available at surprisingly reduced prices.

What is the New Year?

As the name indicates, New Year is celebrated in the western world at 12 am on the 31st of December. People celebrate it to welcome the coming year and to say goodbye to the one they leave behind. There are different methods of celebration such as fireworks, music concerts, dancing and singing, and food festivals. There are other ways of commemoration as well and one of the most emerging ones is shopping.

Long gone are the days when New Year used to be a Western event. It has now become a trend in Pakistan and other Muslim countries as well to celebrate it with zeal and fervor. Just like the people all over the world, Pakistanis do not only commemorate it but venerate it as well.

Shop at to Make New Year Fun

There is nothing more pleasing than having an opportunity of shopping at reduced rates. The buyers always look for ways to save money and it brings a smile to their faces if they find one. understands customers’ mind better than anyone; therefore, it always brings the most exciting deals. It has just been a month since you have enjoyed the biggest sale of the year i.e. the Blessed Friday, and now, you can avail another thrilling discount offer. The New Year shopping sale has never been such fun as it is now at

The sale that is live at has a range of products. It has both mundane and rarely used items, but they are all must-haves. The list ranges from everyday-using v-lice comb to expensive gadgetries such as the kids educational learning tablet or the digital pen Quran. There are other items on the list, too, including hot shaper belt, Nokia 210, mini sewing machine, hair removal spray, rebonding kit, hijama kit, pest repelling aid, ladies watch set, waterproof car cover and motorcycle cover, white light, detox water bottle, and much more. The list goes on and on so it’s better to go and visit yourself now.

It’s wise not to delay and visit now as the items go out of stock pretty fast. The team aims to keep the sale live until the products remain in stock, but that rarely happens. You will be able to enjoy the discount of 30% to 70% off on the entire product range one week before the end of the year. So, why delay when you can avail such an amazing discount and enjoy the New Year?

black friday sale 2018 at

Blessed Friday Sale 2018 is Now Live at

Long gone are the days when November used to be confined for the Black Friday sale. It now brings bundles of joys for shopaholics. The shopping delights begun with the 11/11 sale that coincided with the Mega Friday discount throughout the country. Like always, took the fun to the Next level and bought the Blessed Friday sale only at the beginning of the month. It continued till 11/11 and is still live at the store. How the sale at is unique and why should you buy from it? Scroll down to know!

What’s Special About the Blessed Friday Sale 2018 at

As mentioned above, November is the month of shopping. The sellers all over the world earn a huge amount of profit through sale and discount packages. On the other hand, it highly benefits customers as it gives them an opportunity of saving an abundant amount of money. Enjoy the Blessed Friday sale 2018 at that went live as soon as the month started. All the other stores announce discounts on 11/11, but maintained its ritual of taking your joys to the next level. The sale has been live since then and is expected to remain active until the coming week. It is a great opportunity for you to buy quality items at reduced prices; therefore, do not miss this opportunity.

Now, the question is what is so special about this sale? What’s making people crazy and why has it become so famous? Well, the answers to these questions are simple! It’s because the items available on sale are hardly found anywhere else at such jaw-droppingly lowered prices. The product range is vast, ranging from mundane household items to expensive electronic gadgetries. However, a special emphasis has been given to the beauty and fitness items. You can buy branded cosmetic products at surprisingly reduced prices and can get in shape without spending a huge amount of money. Therefore, shop now at and get the celebrity look you ever wished for!

Other items include smartwatch and Rolex daily wear wrist watch, nose shaper, sewing machine, hijama kit, waterproof car and motorcycle cover, and Dr. James breast enhancement and vaginal tightening cream. The list pretty much includes everything a buyer looks for every now and then.

How to Shop During the Sale?

Shopping during the sale is just as simple as the normal days. The only difference is that a sale bar is located at the top of the homepage. You can access it in order to get your hands on the available products. Click on the “shop now” button and enjoy shopping at Make sure not to delay much because the items run out of stock pretty fast due to a massive customer influx. The store has long been gaining its customers’ satisfaction and the regular buyers keep a strict eye on packages. So, make sure you aren’t late and don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity. is Now Offering Amazing Discounts on 11 11 Sale

We are just a few days ahead of celebrating the biggest shopping gala of the year. Both men and women are already looking for deals and discounts for shopping. How can there be an occasion around and doesn’t contribute to making it fun for you? Aren’t you now used to getting amazing discount offers on absolutely every special occasion? When the whole world is eager for the Black Friday sale, brings you the Mega 11 11 sale prior to that one. As always, the team maintained its ritual of bringing most of the excitement to its customers’ life.

Why Should You Avail the Mega November Sale?

The month of November is famous for buying and you would pretty much agree with me when is say it’s the MONTH OF SHOPPING. That’s because the biggest shopping gala of the year is bought this month. What if I tell you that you can now enjoy a Mega sale before the largest discount offer? Yes, you can now enjoy a trailer before the movie that’s just as exciting and fun as the sales announced before. Enjoying deals isn’t something new for the Getnow customers and they are pretty much accustomed to them. However, this is something unique and never happened before. Therefore, you must not miss this offer and rush to it as the sale is already live and will continue for a few more days. Grab your favourite items before they run out of stock!

What is Bringing This November For You?

The regular customers of are now used to discount offers. The Mega 11 11 sale is the first delight of the month and you will enjoy the second and the biggest one right after that. Just like the offers before, the range of products available for sale is pretty vast. It ranges from mundane items to seldom-using gadgetries. What is more, the regular prices are already affordable to you and they will be reduced even more throughout the 11 11 sale week. However, the reduction in percentage varies from product to product. The prices of some products are jaw-droppingly reduced while those of others are mildly decreased.

How to Shop During the Sale?

The broad categories available on sale are beauty and health, beauty, electronics, household, exercise and fitness, and others. You can either access the products from the list of categories at the left-hand side of the main page or you can simply go to the limited-time brown-colored “sale bar” at the top. Click on the “shop now” button and have an access to the entire product list on sale.

You have a lot of queries in mind when you are shopping online, right? Well, this isn’t a worry when you choose as the customer care department is active round-the-clock. It gets even more enthusiastic during the seasonal rush so that it may facilitate you at its best.  The team will answer your queries even when you call at midnight. Your satisfaction is its main goal, which, in turn, contributes to making a reliable shopping platform possible. So, visit the website now and avail the most exciting offer around before your favorite items run out of stock.

Hijama Kit Cupping Therapy Tools Kit in Pakistan

Hijama Kit Cupping Therapy: A New Way Of Treatment!

Are you looking for a way to treat multiple diseases at once? Do you want to avoid medications and want a treatment that would have a prolonged effect? The hijama kit cupping method is an ancient way of alternative medicine and has a cure for several diseases. Even though it was originated in China, the method holds a centuries-old Islamic history. It was practiced and highly trusted by the last Prophet (May peace and blessings be upon Him). Moreover, the followers also used it and the cycle continued until now. Let’s talk about how it works and what benefits it holds.

How Does Cupping Method Work?

In this method, small cups, which work as suction pumps, are placed on different parts of your body. They suck impure and unwanted blood from your body and ease muscle tension. As a result, an overall blood flow is improved and the damaged cells are quickly repaired. Just as you need to change the oil of your old car, your body, too, needs cleaning from the undesired blood. Since clean blood and its proper circulation is the cure for almost all the lethal diseases, the suction method is highly preferred by doctors nowadays. Initially, it was performed with animal horns, but as the time passed, new methods were invented, and now bamboo and ceramic cups are used. These cups are rounded, having a ball shape and have an opening at one end.

What are the Types of Cupping Method?

Below are the two main types of cupping methods that are used all over the world.

  • Dry Cupping

It only includes suction and no bleeding. The impure blood is simply sucked and you are free to go.

  • Wet Cupping

It involves a combination of both suction and a moderate medicinal bleeding.

Only the person performing the hijama and your medicinal conditional determine which method to choose.

What Happens After Cupping?

The only side effect of this long-prevailing prophetic method is the dizziness you feel after the treatment. Since it involves blood removal from the body, it’s natural to feel bit laziness after application. However, it’s only for the time being and you overcome immediately. Secondly, the skin may become bruised and you may also feel irritation. However, all these effects are temporary and don’t last long.

Even though this method is free from all the side effects, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Ladies must, I repeat, MUST avoid cupping method if they are pregnant or menstruating. Moreover, this treatment isn’t suitable for elderly people so they must avoid it, too. Apart from that, do not try to apply this method to your child. The cupping method is highly non-recommended for children and they must be kept away from it. Other than that, you are all safe and welcome to use this method for almost all the health issues. store is offering hijama kit cupping therapy tool kit online in Pakistan at the most affordable prices. This DIY hijama kit would save your hassle of going to clinics and you can easily do cupping for you and your family at the comfort of your home. So, when are you planning to visit a professional for the cupping method?

HD Night Vision Glasses Are Best Solution To Drive At Night

Driving at night isn’t just difficult, but it’s actually risky and frustrating. Things coming in front of you either seem blur or vague and it really gets hard to focus. Especially if you have a weak eye-sight, then driving at night becomes the biggest daily-life challenge for you. One of the most effective solutions to this problem is the HD night vision glasses as they have specific features to focus in the dark. However, choosing the right glasses is a bit crucial because it adds an additional surface between your eyes and the road. Let’s see how and why the HD glasses are the best solution for driving at night.

How Do the HD Night Vision Glasses Work?

The HD night vision glasses work on the principle of lowering the illuminations from the oncoming headlights and other glaring lights. By doing so, you get a clear picture of what’s around you and you are capable of calculating the distances from other vehicles. Not only do you have to take care of the cars and vans around you, but there are also nocturnal animals, street light, and other hindrances on the road, too.

There are times when the oncoming lights are strikingly bright and these night-special glasses blur the image in front while driving. Without these, it’s risky to drive in such a situation and decide where to go next. They reduce the illuminating effects and let eyes work properly. These specifically designed frames aren’t really aesthetic but they are important and make driving fun and easy.

Other than that, if you have a night job, then you have to drive in the dark pretty often. In this case, driving isn’t just difficult, but tiring as hell, too. The daily exposure to street lights, white lights, and headlights are painful for eyes. The HD night vision glasses keep you away from visionary problems and make your job easier.

Precautions to Take Before Wearing HD Night Vision Glasses

There’s no doubt in the fact that the night vision glasses are helpful for the night time driving, but there are other things to keep in mind, too. Always clean all the mirrors before driving. The dirty mirrors will hinder the image and even the glasses won’t be effective then. Also, make sure there isn’t too much fog while going out, your eyes are properly examined, the lenses on the glasses should be cleaned with a coating of AR, the lenses and wind shield are clean, and the headlights are cleaned and properly aligned.

Features of HD Night Vision Glasses Available at

You can buy a highly engineered HD night vision glasses at at surprisingly lowered prices. These are 100% metal frames and 100% glass lens; therefore, the quality and robustness are ensured. What is more, it is an anti-UVA and anti-UVB polarized that add additional light lowering capacity. Unlike other night vision glasses, these are elegant and stylish with black frames and yellow-colored lenses. It comes with a free protective pouch to keep it safe.

top body massagers in pakistan

Top 5 Best Body Massagers to Shop Online

Do you crave for a relaxing body treatment after getting back home from a hard day at work? Are you in search of a self-treatment and looking for the best body massager? online store brings you some of the coolest and most exquisite body massagers at amazingly lowered prices. These are some of the most technically advanced devices that guarantee you the most soothing body treatment. Let’s take a look at the reviews and features of the best five body massagers to buy online.

  1. The Manipol Body Massager

It has some detailed technical features that directly hit the areas of your body that need an immediate attention. It treats you just as you get an acupuncture treatment by taping the specific points on the body. Not only does it heal your pain, but it also treats obesity. Specifically designed for fat removal, it cuts down the accumulated plump when massaged on the belly, waist, thigh, and shoulder. Since it’s a multifunctional body massager, it will give you a unique feeling every time you use it. Currently, you can avail a 40% discount on the Manipol body massager at

  1. Air Pressure Leg Massager

This air pressure leg massager has been designed in the U.S.A. and specifically designed to cure your leg pain. Since legs support the entire body weight, it receives the most excruciating pain. Therefore, the air pressure leg massager has 4 Chamber Sequential Compression Therapy Set (Pump + 2 Half Leg or Full Leg Garment (Large or X Large) + Bilateral or Single Connector). What is more, the compression mode pressure includes 20 ~ 100 mmHg, 60 min timer & continuous mode, quick & easy-to-use connector with safety & lock system. It is capable of treating chronic leg pains such as lymphedema, edema, chronic venous insufficiency, varicose vein, wound therapy caused by poor blood circulation, and tired, swollen, and aching feet.

  1. Mini Body Massager

These cute little mini body massagers are portable and compressed devices. The look like a baby toy and you can keep them anywhere in your room. Apart from its babyish aesthetics, it gives amazing massaging treatment despite its mini size. It’s a USB electric massager that’s small and handy to use. It’s easier to hold and use than other massagers which is a unique feature. It is the cheapest massager and available only in Rs. 499 at

  1. Dolphin Body Massager

This is another toy-like body massager. Externally designed like a dolphin, it has strong and vigorous beating functions. It massages head variations for deep penetrating massage that ultimately relaxes body and mind. Moreover, the speed is adjustable with two levels high/low speed adjusting slide switch. This dolphin body massager with a streamlined design is light and portable.

  1. Thrive 717 Massager

This is the most technical and robustly designed body massager with some striking features. It has dual motions; the vertical one combines with an irregular rotary one which amplifies massaging effects. It is capable of cleaning blood vessels and twig of capillary vessels in particular. As a result, the blood circulation improves that beautifies your skin and vibrations relieve your muscles from fatigue. What is more, there are three interchangeable heads that soothe all the areas of your body. Not only does it satisfy your cosmetic purposes, but this professional massager also restores pozvonochnika, activates cells, and improves the immune system and internal organs. Apart from that, the continual use of Thrive 717 massager reduces back pain, lower back, neck, pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.

eid ul azha online deals Store is Offering Mega Eid-ul-Azha Sales Deals This Year

Are you ready to celebrate the meatilicious event of the year? Do you want to do Eid shopping at reduced rates? Muslims around the world are just a few days ahead of celebrating the second Eid of the year. Pakistanis have already bought their sacrificial animal and now they are looking for a store to do their remaining yet important shopping. As a regular customer of, you must’ve been waiting for a discount package. Well, everything is right on point and the sale will go live as soon as the Azaadi sale ends.

What is there in the Eid Sale?

Even though Eid-ul-Azha is an all meat-and-food festival, it requires doing a lot of personal shopping as well. Since you’ll be celebrating it the coming week, you must have to do Eid shopping prior to that very day. understands the shopping needs of its customers as no one does. Therefore, it has kept the regular prices of all the products very much affordable for its buyers. These already reasonable rates are even more lowered whenever an offer is active. The regular buyers know it pretty well now and they are in awe of the prices and quality of the products. The reduction in price might concern you with quality, but you really don’t have to worry about that. The ultimate aim of the team is to maintain customer satisfaction and it is ensured by giving you the best things at your favorite rates.

Grab the Opportunity of Availing the Best Eid Sale Online at

The Eid sale will go live one night before the Eid day and will continue throughout the weekend. However, the products run out of stock pretty fast as the demand is very high. A massive customer influx has been observed during the Azaadi sale and the same is expected to happen as soon as the Eid offer goes live. The customers love the price and quality of the products available at and buy as much as they can in bulk. You had a 14% discount on 14th August celebration, but now, the rates vary with the products. However, the prices of all the items are jaw-droppingly reduced without compromising on quality.

Whether you need a product for your daily use such as cosmetics and other accessories or you want to buy electronics and kitchen appliances, brings an all-in-one package for you. Since the store isn’t confined to a particular product and the list of items on sale is pretty vast, you can shop at ease. Now, you don’t have to worry about switching the medium to buy something else. Everything is just one click away from you and you just have to wait 24-48 hours for your product to be delivered to your doorsteps. Shopping was never such a fun before. has made it a lot easier, more fun and exciting for its customers. If you still haven’t had a chance of buying at, don’t lose the opportunity of availing the best offer in town and make your Eid worthwhile.

independence day sale pakistan at Announces to Offer 14% Discount on Independence Day

The month of August has begun and it’s all green and white throughout the country. Pakistanis are excited and the celebrations are at its peak from Karachi to Peshawar. Since it’s a public holiday all over the country, people plan to commemorate it in different ways. Some go out to eateries while others do shopping. However, the latter is the most preferable way as it makes people more jubilant than anything. To make this Independence Day more joyous than ever, is bringing an exciting discount offer.

What’s Important About 14th August?

Pakistan is the country that came into being after a lot of sacrifices. The blood and bones are buried in the sand of this country as thousands of people sacrificed their lives for its creation. After seven long years of continuous struggle, the country finally came into being on 14th August 1947. Therefore, this day has a special place in the hearts of all Pakistanis and they commemorate it in an enthusiastic way. The sounds of the national songs start echoing in all cities and villages and a lot of passion is observed every year on this day. Moreover, it is a public holiday all over the country, so the people get an opportunity of taking some time out for fun while commemorating the independence. So, the day is basically a mixture of national zeal and personal felicity.

Avail the Most Amazing Independence Day Discount This Year

You must’ve come across different discount packages with the arrival of August, but I bet there won’t be any like the one available at store. It’s the most convenient and customer-friendly online shopping store in Pakistan that understands the needs and wants of clients pretty well. The occasional discount is the most demanding; therefore, the team brings the most exciting packages on every national, religious, and international occasion. After making your Eid 2k18 the most memorable, it is all set to bring joys on 14th August. It has only been a bit more than a month since you’ve enjoyed the Eid sale, and now you can enjoy the Independence Day in the same way. From cosmetics to gadgetries, all the items will be on sale and it expects to continue throughout the week unless the items run out of stock that is very much likely to happen. Therefore, don’t waste your time and grab an appealing opportunity of availing a 14% discount on the entire product list.

Why Shop at

As mentioned above, the is the most customer-friendly online shopping store in Pakistan. Here’s why I said that!

First, because it brings a jaw-droppingly amazing discount on every occasion whether it’s Eid or Black Friday or any other. Secondly, the customer service department of is amicable and efficient. You have an access to the team 24/7 and it actually listens to your complaints and responds to them accordingly. The issues faced by the buyers are immediately fixed to bring peace to your lives. And last but not the least, there’re no delays even during the rush days such as the Independence Day discount. In short, apart from saving you a lot of money, it brings you ease and fun.

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