Nail Polishes

Nail Polishes

Pack Of 12 Nail Polishes For Her

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Pack Of 24 Branded Nail Polish Box

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Pack Of 5 Lakme Nail Polish & 5 Lakme Lipsticks

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Pack of 6 Lakme Nail Polish & 1 Thinner

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Buy Nail Polish in Pakistan for Women at

Pamper yourself with a nice manicure and pedicure because well maintained hands and feet are always a treat to look at. has complete nail art sets including nail art pens, nail polishes, nail razors and nail sharpers in Pakistan which will help beautify your nails in different styles. You can get a comprehensive range of nail polish designs & colors  from all the brands such as OPI, Melodi, Barielle, Beurer, Zoya, Crackle, Essie and many others.

Range of Nail Polish Designs & Colors Available Online

Paint your nails in different themes from our range of nail polish sets in Pakistan. Feeling funky? Paint each nail in a different color or in a different style. At Getnow, you will find any shade you can possibly think of, be it neon, jewel tones, metallic, pastels, pink, grunge or neutral earthy colors. Stay on trend with the season’s latest Revlon nail polish colors on your hand and feet which will make you look hip and forever trendy. The cosmetics & makeup manufacturers all over the world have recurrently been working on improving the types of nail polish to provide a better experience to women all over the world. It may be surprising for you to know that manicurists have taken great inspiration from car painting as they have adopted the technique of applying primer and finishing with a clear coat. GetNow not only offers nail polishes and manicure kits in Pakistan but also has a full range of nail art machines to help you crafting your nails, the way you like.

Popular Nail Polish Colors Available in Pakistan at

There is a wide range of nail polish colors available at Getnow’s online shopping community. Women can now choose their favorite colors based on the brand and prices at GetNow. There are red and pink shades of nail polish available at This shade group was the first ever invented and is therefore the oldest and most popular. Moreover, there are nail polishes in peach and coral colors for the women mostly with the warm complexions. In fact these colors flatter such women and enhance their personalities. Followed by the peach and coral colors is the group of orange and yellow shades. Remember to not buy pure yellow color but opt for dull shades of yellow to complement your clothing and fair complexion. The blues, aquas and greens are another group of nail polish colors available at GetNow. These colors are good for both the fair as well as medium skin tones. The plums and purples are another good option in nail polish colors as they work as sophisticated naturals. The browns, neutrals and nudes are the easiest to wear as they complement all kinds of skin tones.