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Gun Shaped Lighter in Pakistan

Gun Shaped Lighter

 2,100  1,999
3D Glass in Pakistan

3D Glasses For Normal LCD, LED & Laptops

 999  699
Original Nicer Dicer Plus Chopper in Pakistan

Original Nicer Dicer Plus Chopper

 1,300  999
Whistle Key Finder in Pakistan

Whistle Key Finder

 999  749
Cereal Dispenser in Pakistan

Cereal Dispenser

 2,925  1,999
Couch Coat! Sofa Cover in Pakistan

Couch Coat! Sofa Cover

 2,624  1,899
Handy Stitch Handheld Sewing Machine In Pakistan

Handy Stitch Handheld Sewing Machine

 1,800  1,199
wonder hanger in Pakistan

Wonder Hanger

 1,600  999
mini drill machine in pakistan

Mini Drill Machine

 2,625  1,899

Electricity Saving Box

 3,250  1,999
Shake N Take Sports Bottle Blender in Pakistan

Shake N Take Sports Bottle Blender

 3,424  1,799
Foldable Wardrobe Cupboard in Pakistan

Foldable Wardrobe Cupboard

 4,999  2,999
Mini Portable Handy Sewing Machine in Pakistan

Mini Portable Handheld Sewing Machine

 900  699
Kids Electric Socket Safety Cover with Key in Pakistan

Kids Electric Socket Safety Cover with Key

 1,149  855
Usb Mini Laptop Vacuum Cleaner in Pakistan

Usb Mini Laptop Vacuum Cleaner

 1,599  699
Intex Electric Air Pump in Pakistan

Intex Electric Air Pump

 1,600  1,199
Spicy Shelf in Pakistan

Spicy Shelf

 1,900  1,099
amazing pocket chair in Pakistan

Amazing Pocket Chair

 2,400  1,399

Buy Household Accessories Online in Pakistan from Getnow.pk

Running a house is similar to running a business. Just like office supplies are required to properly manage the workload at offices, household accessories are also used to carry out the daily chores at home. The right type of supplies will not only allow you to properly manage the tasks but will also save your energy and time. These supplies enable you to perform the household duties in an efficient manner. Each of the equipment used has its own purpose and function.

Household products in Pakistan are available online at Getnow.pk which offers a huge variety of these products. They are available in advanced style and designs and have upgraded technological features in them for advanced usage. These products are reliable as well as durable. The processes of these products are also available at affordable rates at Getnow.pk so that these are accessible to a large customer base.

Buy Electric Equipment for your Homes

Due to technological advancement, various products have been innovated to help organize the household tasks. Here are some of the equipment we use daily.

Air Conditioners: To avoid the summer heat, many households have air conditioners so that the inside temperature is bearable. Some of the ACs are heavy and mounted high in a room. Mini AC’s are also available which are good for portability.

Sewing Machines: Switch machines are used at homes to stich any type of fabric in different designs. Electronic machines are available which require less manual work and show optimal results.

Water Dispenser: These household equipment in Pakistan are used so that filtered water is accessible to you. These dispensers also provide hot or cold water as per your needs.

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