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Mac Eyeshades Professional Kit

 1,590  1,099

Kiss Beauty Makeup Kit

 1,300  999

Ads 10 Colors Highlighter Contour Kit

 999  699

Mac 168 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Kit

 2,475  1,500

kiss beauty 14 highlighter

 1,975  1,350

Mist & Fix Setting Spray

 1,650  1,199

Water Blend Foundation

 1,650  1,199

Vamp Stamp Eyeliner Kit

 2,025  1,300

Travel Wash Admission Package

 1,875  1,350

Morphe 9 Color Contour Makeup Palette

 1,499  1,199

Morphe 9 Color Highlight & Contour Palette

 1,499  1,199

Kiss Beauty Baked Powder & Contour

 1,300  1,099

Kylies Diary Palette

 2,125  1,899

Morphe 5 in 1 Makeup Set

 1,850  1,599

Miss Romantic 75 Colors Makeup Kit

 1,824  1,299

Flower Design Makeup Kit

 1,824  1,399

Naked 7 Urban Decay Pack Of 24 Eye Shades

 1,775  1,300

15 Colors Contour Makeup Kit

 2,149  1,599

Buy all Types of Makeup Sets Online in Pakistan at Getnow

Makeup is loved by every woman that is why there are thousands of brands that manufacture and retail makeup items. There are different type of makeup sets that women all over the world get that include; foundation, face powder, blushes, bronzers, eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras and so on forth. It is important to get good quality makeup products because these items will last longer and will cause no irritation. Cheap quality makeup items can cause skin allergies and other problems. Good quality makeup is often expensive that is why many shoppers prefer getting makeup sets. Getnow offers ladies with the best range of makeup sets in Pakistan that reduce the price to almost half.

Different Types of Makeup Sets

There are a number of makeup kits in Pakistan that women can choose from themselves. It is wise to get kits rather than individual products because the kits will have more products at one reduced price.

Eyeshadow Kits

The most popular kits that are bought by women in Pakistan is a makeup eyeshadow kit. It makes more sense to get eyeshadow kits rather than getting individual colors. The individual color pigments will cost more as compared to a kit. There are several eyes makeup products which have different colors from matte to glittery. One can easily get eyeshadow colors up to 50 or more in one makeup kit.

Blush Kit

Blush is one of the most commonly used makeup items because it adds color to the cheeks. There are different tones of blush that shoppers can get according to their choice. In summers and spring, women prefer light pinks and peach tones as compared to winters where darker tones of pink are preferred. Getting a blush kit is a good idea because one can have all summer and winter colors in one palette.

Contour Kit

Whether you like powder contour or cream contour, one should always get a kit that has the desired colors. Get dark tones for contouring the cheekbones and light tones to highlight the high points of the face. A number of contour kits have colors that are used as a setting powder as well.

Makeup Essential Kits

There are several makeup kits which have essential products for perhaps travelling. The products can be bought in makeup pouches which makes it easier to carry everything. For travelling it is recommended to use deluxe size products. The kits include; a liner, lipsticks, mascara, blush, foundation, face powder and makeup tools.

Makeup Tools Kit

Shoppers can select from a number of makeup brushes used for applying foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, eye liner and so on forth. Instead of getting individual tools, one can easily get sets. The sets usually have all tools at one reduced price which makes online shopping convenient. Buyers can get a wide collection of makeup purses online at Getnow. It is important to use the right tools for application to get the perfect look. These days’ there are special brushes and sponges for every makeup product.