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Toppik Hair Building Fibers

 2,099  1,199

Hair Removal Pad

 1,099  699

Caboki Hair Building Fiber

 2,100  1,199

Wellastrate Hair Straightening Cream

 1,000  899

Braun 2 in 1 Hair Curler & Straightener

 2,275  1,549

Discreet Hair Color Restoring Cream

 2,350  1,999

Pack of 10 Dexe Black Hair Shampoos

 1,500  999

Dexe Hair Building Fiber

 2,000  1,099

Shinon Hair Straightener 3 in 1

 1,925  1,399

Babyliss Hot Wax Machine

 2,000  1,599

Slique Hair Threading Kit

 1,200  899

Loom Band Kit

 1,200  849

7 in 1 Kemei Rechargeable Grooming Kit

 3,800  2,900

Electric Hair Threading Machine

 2,100  1,799

MicroTouch Max Trimmer

 1,200  749

Crea Clip Hair Cutting Tool

 1,550  1,099

Schwarzkopf Glatt Professional Hair Straightener Cream

 750  617

Lolane Hair Straightener Cream

 1,400  1,099 Offers Premium Quality Hair Care Products in Pakistan

If you are in search of premium quality hair care products to keep your hair shining and glowing, let be your premier online shopping store. We offer the widest range of hair accessories in Pakistan by all the renowned brands. We have just about everything including hair curlers and straighteners and a whole lot more that can help you keeping your hair tamed. Please read below to know about the most popular hair care accessories available at GetNow Store.

Setting your Hair Straight with Hair Accessories

Before you make use of hair bumpits to style up your hair it is good to get them straight with some cosmetics. Many people prefer keeping their hair straight by making use of hair care cosmetics manufactured by many different companies. If you are also one of them, your quest for straight hair can be completed by making use of balms, gels, frizz-free styling products, hair sprays and conditioners. There are also many shampoos that come mixed with conditioners to help you keeping your hair clean and shinning always. One may use hair care products on their own or in conjunction with the hair dryers or hair straightening irons. The hair care accessories in Pakistan by Gemei, Pro Revlon, Kemei and many more cosmetics companies are available at GetNow.

Fighting Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the biggest problems faced by people in the modern era. If you are also facing the same problem, you can make use of premium quality hair building fibers and hair loss sprays offered by different beauty & cosmetics companies.