Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes

Emelie professional Black Kajal water Proof Matte Kajal

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Pack of 12 Naked 3 Brushes

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Are you one of the fashionistas out there looking for brushes that could help you do the makeup the way you want? You are absolutely at the right place! GetNow is an online shopping destination for the purchase of premium quality makeup brushes in Pakistan made by all the renowned brands. The country’s largest online shopping community is a home to all the leading retailers of cosmetics across Pakistan. No matter the types of brushes you require, GetNow has them all listed online at highly competitive prices. The brushes in a number of bristle materials, sizes, shapes and makeup brushes brands are available at GetNow. For ensuring an amazing makeup, it is really important to choose spot on brush. Please continue reading to know more about how you can pick the right brush for makeup.

Blush or Contour Brush

Kaymu has blush or contour brushes from all the popular brands available at phenomenal prices. The bristles made out of natural hair work best for these brushes. Every application of a brush made out of natural hair bristles picks up more blush. The experts recommend the head shape of these brushes to be a medium dome shape. This rolls powder along the cheekbone. The blush or contour brushes with angled heads are also acceptable for this purpose.

Powder Brush

If you are looking for a powder brush, you should know that both, synthetic or natural hair bristles work well for this purpose. The vintage face powder brushes that are large and fluffy are a real fun to use for applying powder. The experts recommend not using very large brushes but those with a medium and slightly rounded head to apply powder only where it is desired. To find the right makeup brushes price in Pakistan browse products listed at

Foundation Brush

The foundation brushes comprise bristles that are made of either synthetic hair or natural. They offer realistic blended look while minimizing the absorption of makeup as compared to the natural hair alone. The recommended head shape for a foundation brush is small or medium with a flat head. Those with a contoured bristle length allow better precision around the nose and eyes.