How Power Banks Can Make Your Life Easier?

power banks in pakistan

Imagine you are on a road trip and you have to make a very important call, but your phone’s battery shows you a red signal. Doesn’t it piss you off when you are bored somewhere and you just have 5% remaining battery on your phone? Power bank a.k.a. external battery is now here to solve this worry!

It is a small portable battery that you can simply carry in your pocket or bag, and charge your phone through it whenever and wherever you want. These high quality power banks are also available on GetNow.pk – the fastest growing online shopping website in Pakistan. We have prepared for you a brief guide as to how power banks can make your life easier and why should you opt for Getnow.pk to buy one.

  1. Can be Charged According to Your Phone’s Capacity

The battery capacity varies from phone to phone. For instance, for iPhone 6, it’s 2915 mAh. It means, if you have iPhone 6, you need to charge your power bank up at least up to this capacity. Furthermore, it is important to buy a power bank that could match with your phone’s battery capacity

  1. Lifetime Suitability

The lithium polymer batteries used in smartphones and power banks discharge over time. However, the size of battery might vary and the bigger it is, the less need there is to charge it again and again. Smartphones usually discharge pretty soon, so a power bank with a good capacity can charge your phone multiple times. The external batteries at GetNow.pk are affordable, and there is a wide range of battery capacity.

  1. Saves Energy

Keep your phone on airplane mode while charging it through a power bank because most of the smartphones automatically download the updates. When you keep your phone on flight mode, you save energy

  1. Makes Phone Use Easy During Events and Festivals

Isn’t it difficult to charge your phone when there is an event in your home? During these times, your home is in a haphazard situation with all the mess everywhere. It’s hell of a challenge to search for your charger and you have neither time nor energy to do so. In such conditions, power banks play a significant role in making your life easier.

  1. Music and Entertainment

Apart from important emails and calls, sometimes you need entertainment when you are bored during travelling for a trip. Since you are moving from one place to another really quickly, it’s not possible for you to charge your phone. Once again, power banks lets you cash energy from its account and you are all set to transfer it to your phone.