GetNow.pk to Offer up to 25% Discount for Eid ul Azha Shoppers

online shopping discount at eid

Doesn’t it feel like winning a lottery when you get to save some cash while shopping? Don’t you feel excited when you hear about occasional sales? Getnow.pk is one of the fastest growing e-commerce websites in Pakistan where deals are announced on every grand occasion. On Eid 2k17, a 25% off sale was introduced on all the products and public went crazy over it. Saving half of your amount on cheapest to the most expensive products was something no one wanted to miss.

Be it a cosmetics, clothing, men’s watches, electronic item, household, or exercise tools, GetNow.pk reduced prices up to 25% on Eid- the biggest religious festival in Pakistan. Shopping is a must thing-to-do on Eid, and if you get discounts during that, it feels like heaven.

What Are The Most Selling Products on Eid?

Household items and clothes are the most demanding products on Eid festivals. People search for home decors to give a new and trendy touch to their homes. They try their best to celebrate in the best possible way. Similarly, everyone wants a new and fashionable dress for the most special occasion. Therefore, these two categories are the most demanding during the month of Ramadan and through Eid. Men’s T-Shirts are the most demanding items out of all and we observed the same during our sale on Eid.

Women’s Eid is incomplete without a vibrant makeover. They wear trendy clothes and they won’t apply makeup? That’s not possible! The demand for cosmetics and beauty products was also high and it reached its zenith when we announced our sale.

What About Other Products?

Even though demands of electronic products, exercise equipment, and other related items are very low during the Eid season, we introduced sales of those products as well. As soon as the sale was introduced, we observed an increase in the purchase of these products, too. It showed the level of customer satisfaction we have gained as we have been getting positive feedbacks from our customers.

Why People Trust Getnow.pk?

There are several reasons why people trust us more and more. First, our price and quality speak for us. We believe in providing high-quality products to our customers without breaking their bank. Second, we have a dedicated and supporting staff that is ever ready to assist our customers. For information and queries, you can always contact us through the information given on the website. If you need any help, contact our customer service department anytime you want. No matter in which metropolitan city of Pakistan you live, we arrange for you free shipment within 24 to 48 hours. Don’t even worry if you live in a remote city as we have got our hands on each and every area of Pakistan and deliver orders within three to five working days.