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With the Foot Reflex reflexology shoes, these “reflex” points are massaged and the balance of your organs can be restored.
Foot reflexology increases blood and nerve circulation, so the relieved reflex areas will help the corresponding organs re-establish their blood supply and movement.
You can also use foot reflexology sandals to test painful areas as well as to treat them.
Using 82 massaging tips



Buy Reflexology Massager Slippers in Pakistan at Best Prices

These foot reflexology slippers have been designed on the basis of Chinese medical principles according to which every part of our body is represented by a nerve in a specific part of foot.

These foot massage and reflexology slippers actually “reflex” all important point in our feet and thus help restore balance of our body organs.  With the help of these foot reflexology slippers, you can use blood circulation in your feet which in return help establish corresponding body organs improve their blood circulation and healing.

These massager slippers perform reflexology on your feet while you walk. These foot massager slippers are made from high quality rubber material and textured plastic for long-term durability.

Massager Reflex Reflexology Slippers In Pakistan

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