Online Shopping Stores Vs Traditional Malls

The word “shopping” brings a smile on everyone’s face, especially women’s. Just like everything else, the Internet has changed the way we used to shop before. Until the past few years, we just had one way of shopping and for that, we had to step out of our homes, drive to the mall, chose the things we need to buy, pay for them, and then load them into our car and drive back home. It’s a pretty lengthy process, right? Well, now we have another option that is simpler and less time-consuming. What is the difference between online shopping and traditional malls in Pakistan? I am going to answer this question as the article unfolds.

The online shopping isn’t an ancient concept in Pakistan. It has become common only during the past few years. Even though a huge population relies on online shopping now, there are some who still don’t prefer it.

The Difference of Haggling

The first reason is that most of the sellers in the traditional malls accept bargaining and women feel comfortable in negotiating the prices. This is something that isn’t available on the web. You have to select the product along with the mentioned price whether you like it or not. It’s simpler, but it’s kinda rigid with no flexibility.

The Level of Comfort and Satisfaction Differs

Secondly, a level of comfort is reached when you feel a product and try it. There are a few things like footwear, shirts, etc in which size is of supreme concern. Therefore, satisfaction doesn’t come while buying such products from the Internet. Even though most of the retailers offer a return policy, it takes time that most of you don’t like.

Also, you can never be sure what product will come to you when you shop online. Especially when you are buying from a source for the first time, you never know about their services so you can’t trust. Online shopping is still growing in Pakistan and some of the retailers are already struggling in this field. Basically, you risk your money at that time, something that never happens in the traditional malls.

There is a Difference in Access to the Variety

However, most of the Pakistani brands now upload their products on their official websites and engage their customers through the Internet. As a result, they remain updated and get access to a wide range of variety. Traditional shopping is tiresome in Pakistan because of the conditions and weather, especially in summers. On the web, you can find all the available products, and if you have any queries, you can also call the source and ask. In the traditional malls, you get to a place after utilizing both your time and energy and you never know what variety is available, and sometimes, you end up buying nothing and get back home. It’s pretty much annoying!