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Easy to use: get the fruit or vegetable into chips with scissors.
Screw out the handle to put the chips into the strainer before replacing the handle.
The baby will hold the handle to suck the silicone strainer net to enjoy thefood
The residue shall be removed after sucking.
Lead your baby to feed by itself.
Let your baby to take a full variety of nourishment in addition to the breast milk.
Let your baby be adaptive to various tastes at early age and avoid the bad habits of being hoosy in food.
Train your baby’s chewing muscle, relax its uncomfortable feeling due to teething and enhance the growth of its brain.
Silicone strainer net with mesh of appropriate size ensures easy and safe use. Suitable for baby over 6 months to use, it is also a great when your baby is teething.


Buy Baby Food Nipple Feeder Online in Pakistan

Baby’s perfect body and healthy tummy is a dream of every mother, so for them Baby Food Nipple Feeder is a safe and healthy material, which is ideal for babies to taste everything. You can easily put vegetables and fruits into it and allow the baby to feed it themselves. It is very convenient and easy to wash. Baby can hold the handle easily.

Ideal for 6+ months babies. Let them taste the variety of nourishment by their own. Throw the residue which is left. It trains the babies how to chew, helps in teething and enhance the growth of the brain.

No more dirty clothes or floors, just put the fruit of your choice in the nipple, close tightly and give it to your child. They will definitely enjoy the food and their tummy will be healthier because of the material of the feeder’s nipple.

Treat Your Little Ones with Our Baby Fresh Food Nipple Pacifier

Bringing infants up is a hell of a lot more difficult than it seems. You can now feed your babies with healthy nutrition while allowing them to play and have fun around. Let them stomp around and insert a filled baby food nipple in their mouths. To put it in simple words, you can let your baby feed themselves and do your chores. Insert the food you want to feed your baby with the help of a scissor into the chip. Once it gets inside, screw the handle properly so that he may hold it properly and the nipple doesn’t fall to the ground.

Most of the mothers are sick of their kids’ habit of picking things up from the floor and putting them in their mouths. Not only is it unhygienic but it creates bad manners, too. Treat this habit by giving them food nipple feeder and nourish them with care. Give your kid more than breastfeed and train him to self-feed for later. Moreover, infants need to strengthen their jaw muscles, too, and for that, they need to do exercise. You can’t obviously let them exercise at such an early age, but a nipple feeder definitely helps. Chewing it for a few minutes help them grow their chewing muscle and it also provides relaxation during the teething process.

Most Affordable Baby Food Nipple Feeder Price in Pakistan

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Baby Food Nipple Feeder in Pakistan

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