How Seasonal Events are Big Opportunity to Boost Online Sales

online shopping festivals in pakistan

Do you like listening to offers like 30% or 50% off? Are you attracted by the discount offers announced during the seasonal events? The seasonal events are a big opportunity for businesses to boost sales. Just like physical shops, the online stores announce discounts and sale offer during the mega-events.

Believe it or not, it’s nothing else than a mind trick. It’s a business gimmick that smartly grabs customers’ minds and tempts them to buy more. Therefore, it provides a great opportunity for sellers to earn more and grow their businesses. Look how seasonal events are beneficial for online sellers to boost sales in Pakistan.

People Shop More During Seasonal Events

During the events like Eid, people shop more and without thinking much. They focus on making their event valuable by dressing up elegantly. Without a classy outfit, one can’t enjoy the event. On the other hand, people look for other items such as kitchen appliances, bed sheets, décor items, etc. These products help them in planning a memorable event. Moreover, online shopping is highly preferred by most of the customers. In fact, they avoid brick and mortar buying because of the buyers’ rush during seasonal peak. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for the e-commerce businesses to attract customers by announcing appealing deals. Now, the question is how lowering prices during mega-events make a profit?

The discounts and sales are business tricks. People buy something available at off prices and go home happily. They feel jubilant for saving some money, which they actually do. However, the business dealers compensate the prices of products they sell at low prices by increasing the cost of other items. People hardly notice this because they focus on buying cheap items and save their money.

For instance, Eid is the occasion when people need regular home items apart from clothes. There are online shopping stores like GetNow.pk and Buyoye.pk which make use of such occasions by offering top selling products at the most affordable prices.

Why Brands Announce Seasonal Sales?

Let’s understand this by taking an example of clothes. Can you wear winter clothes in summers or vice-versa? No, you can’t! Therefore, brands in Pakistan introduce seasonal collection according to the weather of the country. People avoid purchasing from brands that aren’t up to date. They want a store that updates its collection with seasonal change. Keeping this customer psychology in mind, the brands have to play smartly and make their business strategies accordingly. They clear out their existing stock in order to bring in the new ones and attract customers by announcing sales.

Again, this provides them with a great opportunity to boost sales because business strategies can be tricked easily. The sale offers work both ways- providing benefits to both buyers and sellers. However, they are more beneficial to sellers because it’s nothing more than a business gimmick. People wait a long time and make the most of such offers.