Hijama Kit Cupping Therapy: A New Way Of Treatment!

Hijama Kit Cupping Therapy

Are you looking for a way to treat multiple diseases at once? Do you want to avoid medications and want a treatment that would have a prolonged effect? The hijama kit cupping method is an ancient way of alternative medicine and has a cure for several diseases. Even though it was originated in China, the method holds a centuries-old Islamic history. It was practiced and highly trusted by the last Prophet (May peace and blessings be upon Him). Moreover, the followers also used it and the cycle continued until now. Let’s talk about how it works and what benefits it holds.

How Does Cupping Method Work?

In this method, small cups, which work as suction pumps, are placed on different parts of your body. They suck impure and unwanted blood from your body and ease muscle tension. As a result, an overall blood flow is improved and the damaged cells are quickly repaired. Just as you need to change the oil of your old car, your body, too, needs cleaning from the undesired blood. Since clean blood and its proper circulation is the cure for almost all the lethal diseases, the suction method is highly preferred by viagrageneric doctors nowadays. Initially, it was performed with animal horns, but as the time passed, new methods were invented, and now bamboo and ceramic cups are used. These cups are rounded, having a ball shape and have an opening at one end.

What are the Types of Cupping Method?

Below are the two main types of cupping methods that are used all over the world.

  • Dry Cupping

It only includes suction and no bleeding. The impure blood is simply sucked and you are free to go.

  • Wet Cupping

It involves a combination of both suction and a moderate medicinal bleeding.

Only the person performing the hijama and your medicinal conditional determine which method to choose.

What Happens After Cupping?

The only side effect of this long-prevailing prophetic method is the dizziness you feel after the treatment. Since it involves blood removal from the body, it’s natural to feel bit laziness after application. However, it’s only for the time being and you overcome immediately. Secondly, the skin may become bruised and you may also feel irritation. However, all these effects are temporary and don’t last long.

Even though this method is free from all the side effects, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Ladies must, I repeat, MUST avoid cupping method if they are pregnant or menstruating. Moreover, this treatment isn’t suitable for elderly people so they must avoid it, too. Apart from that, do not try to apply this method to your child. The cupping method is highly non-recommended for children and they must be kept away from it. Other than that, you are all safe and welcome to use this method for almost all the health issues. store is offering hijama kit cupping therapy tool kit online in Pakistan at the most affordable prices. This DIY hijama kit would save your hassle of going to clinics and you can easily do cupping for you and your family at the comfort of your home. So, when are you planning to visit a professional for the cupping method?