GetNow.pk Announces 2 Years Warranty on Digital Pen Qurans

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We live in an era of advancement where the technology is the king and the rest is its slaves. It has revolutionized the way we used to eat, drink, sleep, and even learn. To make it precise, it has altered our entire lifestyle and some influences are actually very positive. We use several electronic devices from dawn to dusk and we simply can’t imagine our lives without them. From our office works to our prayers, we rely on technological gadgetries. Speaking about our innovative Islamic products, the digital pen Quran technology is an amazing new invention that lets us read and learn Quran in a better and more advanced way. Now you can buy digital pen Quran online at Getnow.pk with the two-year warranty.

What is Digital Pen Quran and How Does it Work?

The pen Quran is the latest technological invention, through which, the entire Holy book can be read with ease and perfection. Not everyone is perfect at tajweed and one always needs a guide while recitation. Now, you can keep one right in your pocket and use it anytime you want. The set includes a digital pen with a torch, a charger, and a Holy Quran. You open the book and drag the pen over each line and it will read each word with clarity. What is more, you can listen to the recitation of some famous Qaris. The voices of 25 different and renowned Qaris are stored in it. Meanwhile, you may also listen to the English and Urdu translation and get an insight of what’s written in there.

Now you must wonder how it works! Well, it’s all the game of digital coding. Each word has been printed in a unique way and there are invisible codes hidden underneath. The pen has been programmed according to those codes and it detects each word when it’s dragged over. Try it by pointing it at the beginning ayat and it will read the entire chapter for you. What is more, you may also listen to Tafseer and some other important guidelines such as about Hajj and Umrah. Moreover, some Seerah and Hadith information has also been stored in it so you can also enlighten yourself with them.

Avail 2 Years Digital Pen Quran Warranty at Getnow.pk

Now, you don’t have to step out to buy the pen Quran as you can order it online at Getnow.pk. The pen Quran of Iqra technologies and Dany are available at Getnow.pk at reasonable prices. However, the prices vary according to the capacity. The Latest 8GB digital pen Quran by Iqra Technologies is available at Rs. 4499/- with cash on delivery offer. However, digital pen Quran by Dany is a little bit more expensive. Both digital pen Qurans by Dany and Iqra Technologies are highly demanded by the customers. The two-year warranty has enhanced the customer’s trust even more and the buying trend of this specific product has increased.