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    Take the Best Selfies with High Quality Selfie Sticks in Pakistan

    Selfies are in vogue as of the moment. The new trend has everyone jumping to take pictures of themselves or in certain settings to capture the moment. It can be a formal occasion or a casual one depending on the people. For the best selfies that you can always remember, use high quality selfie sticks in Pakistan.

    Selfie sticks are those mobile accessories that have become a necessity in the current day and that too especially for people who are obsessed with photography. The Selfie Stick works by fixing itself on the camera of your phone. The phone is placed on the top holder of the device and it has a metallic rod attached to it.

    The Selfie Stick for iPhones and Android phones is manufactured in a way that it needs to be held at the distance of an arm’s length. This is needed so that the person who is taking the picture has the ability to come in it as well. The device works when you pair it with your phone.

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    Types of Selfie Sticks

    When you are to buy online selfie sticks, then you have the option to choose the one that suits you the best. There are three different types that are for the needs of people. The difference between them is of function along with their operation.

    Bluetooth Selfie Stick

    Wireless Bluetooth selfie sticks are the most popular ones there are. When you have to use these, you have to fix your phone into the smartphone jack of the device. After turning on the device, it will give out its Bluetooth signals. Your phone needs to detect these signal and pair the selfie stick with it to be operated. After the pairing, just press on the button and pose away!

    Remote Controlled Selfie Stick

    The Remote Controlled selfie stick is the slightly inexpensive version of the selfie stick. The function and operation of this device is very much similar to that of the Bluetooth version. When it comes to this version, one thing you need to pay a great amount of attention is the proper attachment of the device. For this, there is a special remote control present. Once you press on the button on the remote, the selfie will be taken. There are larger versions present for this as well which are used as selfie sticks for tablets.       

    Headphone Cable Selfie Stick

    The headphone cable selfie stick is a newer version in comparison to others. In these devices, there is no hassle present to pair or charge it. The stick’s wire needs to be plugged into the headphone jack of the smartphone to function. The button of the device here works using the charge of electricity that is existing in the headphone jack of the device. These are the least inexpensive ones there are.

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