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eid ul azha online deals Store is Offering Mega Eid-ul-Azha Sales Deals This Year

Are you ready to celebrate the meatilicious event of the year? Do you want to do Eid shopping at reduced rates? Muslims around the world are just a few days ahead of celebrating the second Eid of the year. Pakistanis have already bought their sacrificial animal and now they are looking for a store to do their remaining yet important shopping. As a regular customer of, you must’ve been waiting for a discount package. Well, everything is right on point and the sale will go live as soon as the Azaadi sale ends.

What is there in the Eid Sale?

Even though Eid-ul-Azha is an all meat-and-food festival, it requires doing a lot of personal shopping as well. Since you’ll be celebrating it the coming week, you must have to do Eid shopping prior to that very day. understands the shopping needs of its customers as no one does. Therefore, it has kept the regular prices of all the products very much affordable for its buyers. These already reasonable rates are even more lowered whenever an offer is active. The regular buyers know it pretty well now and they are in awe of the prices and quality of the products. The reduction in price might concern you with quality, but you really don’t have to worry about that. The ultimate aim of the team is to maintain customer satisfaction and it is ensured by giving you the best things at your favorite rates.

Grab the Opportunity of Availing the Best Eid Sale Online at

The Eid sale will go live one night before the Eid day and will continue throughout the weekend. However, the products run out of stock pretty fast as the demand is very high. A massive customer influx has been observed during the Azaadi sale and the same is expected to happen as soon as the Eid offer goes live. The customers love the price and quality of the products available at and buy as much as they can in bulk. You had a 14% discount on 14th August celebration, but now, the rates vary with the products. However, the prices of all the items are jaw-droppingly reduced without compromising on quality.

Whether you need a product for your daily use such as cosmetics and other accessories or you want to buy electronics and kitchen appliances, brings an all-in-one package for you. Since the store isn’t confined to a particular product and the list of items on sale is pretty vast, you can shop at ease. Now, you don’t have to worry about switching the medium to buy something else. Everything is just one click away from you and you just have to wait 24-48 hours for your product to be delivered to your doorsteps. Shopping was never such a fun before. has made it a lot easier, more fun and exciting for its customers. If you still haven’t had a chance of buying at, don’t lose the opportunity of availing the best offer in town and make your Eid worthwhile.

independence day sale pakistan at Announces to Offer 14% Discount on Independence Day

The month of August has begun and it’s all green and white throughout the country. Pakistanis are excited and the celebrations are at its peak from Karachi to Peshawar. Since it’s a public holiday all over the country, people plan to commemorate it in different ways. Some go out to eateries while others do shopping. However, the latter is the most preferable way as it makes people more jubilant than anything. To make this Independence Day more joyous than ever, is bringing an exciting discount offer.

What’s Important About 14th August?

Pakistan is the country that came into being after a lot of sacrifices. The blood and bones are buried in the sand of this country as thousands of people sacrificed their lives for its creation. After seven long years of continuous struggle, the country finally came into being on 14th August 1947. Therefore, this day has a special place in the hearts of all Pakistanis and they commemorate it in an enthusiastic way. The sounds of the national songs start echoing in all cities and villages and a lot of passion is observed every year on this day. Moreover, it is a public holiday all over the country, so the people get an opportunity of taking some time out for fun while commemorating the independence. So, the day is basically a mixture of national zeal and personal felicity.

Avail the Most Amazing Independence Day Discount This Year

You must’ve come across different discount packages with the arrival of August, but I bet there won’t be any like the one available at store. It’s the most convenient and customer-friendly online shopping store in Pakistan that understands the needs and wants of clients pretty well. The occasional discount is the most demanding; therefore, the team brings the most exciting packages on every national, religious, and international occasion. After making your Eid 2k18 the most memorable, it is all set to bring joys on 14th August. It has only been a bit more than a month since you’ve enjoyed the Eid sale, and now you can enjoy the Independence Day in the same way. From cosmetics to gadgetries, all the items will be on sale and it expects to continue throughout the week unless the items run out of stock that is very much likely to happen. Therefore, don’t waste your time and grab an appealing opportunity of availing a 14% discount on the entire product list.

Why Shop at

As mentioned above, the is the most customer-friendly online shopping store in Pakistan. Here’s why I said that!

First, because it brings a jaw-droppingly amazing discount on every occasion whether it’s Eid or Black Friday or any other. Secondly, the customer service department of is amicable and efficient. You have an access to the team 24/7 and it actually listens to your complaints and responds to them accordingly. The issues faced by the buyers are immediately fixed to bring peace to your lives. And last but not the least, there’re no delays even during the rush days such as the Independence Day discount. In short, apart from saving you a lot of money, it brings you ease and fun.

ramadan online shopping deals 2018 Store Will Offer Up to 70% Discount on This Ramadan

Just as Easter the most commemorating event in Europe, Ramadan is the holiest month in Pakistan and in all the Muslim countries of the world. People wait the entire year for this month to fast and perform good deeds. It has a natural impact on one’s personality as it trains a Muslim to be a better person. The fasting routine of Ramadan throws all the negativities out of the soul and Muslims are rewarded for it. They celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr right after this month as a gift of fasting for thirty days. Since it is a commemorating event, Muslims start preparing for it in Ramadan. Therefore, they do a lot of shopping in this month. Now, save up to 70% of your money by availing the special Ramadan discount offered at

What’s There in the Ramadan Discount Offer?

The is an all-in-one online marketplace where you find everything right in one place. Therefore, the discount is offered on the entire product range be it cosmetics, watches, or other accessories. Ramadan isn’t just a holy month; it’s more of a shopping eve for Muslims. To make this Eid more exciting than ever, shop at and save a huge amount of your money. You may not need some products such as the face slimming masks and the baby carrier belts urgently, but they might be your utmost need later on. Be a smart buyer and buy them now at 70% discount rates that is something not-to-be-missed-at-all!

Why Should You Shop at

Shopping is a helluva task especially while you are fasting. In Pakistan, Ramadan online sale is going to be celebrated in summers this year, which means, the scorching sun is going to take all the energy out of your body. Would you dare to go out in the heat for shopping when you have an opportunity of buying things at your fingertips that are available on 70% discount?  No, you wouldn’t because it wouldn’t be a witty approach. Furthermore, is an all-in-one store and the range of its products is very wide. You can get almost anything right at one place and at a fairly reasonable price. What is more, you are never time bound for shopping here.  Also, such exciting deals are rarely found anywhere else except during the Black Friday sale. Now, you can get similarly striking offers in Ramadan and enjoy your Eid more than ever.

Furthermore, has customer-friendly services. The customer care department is always ready to assist you during Ramadan as well. Despite the seasonal rush of customers, you won’t face any delays or hindrances in assistance and delivery. The management has expertise in handling the increased customer traffic; therefore, buyers are always assisted with care. And last but not the least, shopping at is free of complexities. The sale bar is located at the home screen with a yellow “shop now” button. All you have to do is tap on it and get your hands on the entire product list on sale. Add them to cart and proceed to checkout; as simple as that!

slimming belts in pakistan

Can Slimming Belts Help You Lose Weight Instantly?

Extra belly fat is ugly and it makes you look uglier than you actually are. You abhor it so much but you are hardly ever able to do something about it. If you work hard on exercising, you are unable to take your hands off scrumptious food. And, you can’t get the strength to exercise when you go on a proper diet. The sad truth is you can’t get the desired results without the combination of both. However, there is still a way out as the slimming belts are capable of doing wonders to your body. Buy slimming belts online at and enjoy the change you have been waiting for.

The Right Way of Using a Slimming Belt

The slimming belts including the hot shaper belt and insta slim belt do help you in losing weight instantly. However, the art is in using it rightly. Secondly, you should exercise and diet simultaneously for a speedy weight loss. The hot shaper belt or slimming belt works on the science of “compression” as it compresses the excessive fat when you wear it. However, wearing it while working out gives the best results as it enhances the sweat regulation; that eventually leads to rapid fat burn. Taking a few inches off your waist requires excessive exercising and prolonged diet. Now, you can do so in half of the effort and time by putting on a slimmer belt. Since your waistline is the most attractive part of your body, trimming it out has an overall effect on your body.

However, make sure you keep your body hydrated throughout the process as excessive sweating may lead to dehydration. Drink more water especially when you wear the sauna belt while exercising.

Can You Actually Look Thinner Instantly?

Now, the question is what to do when you have to attend an important occasion that is just a few days ahead and you don’t even have the time to work out? How can you lose weight and look smart within days? That’s where the slimmer belts spellbound and show the magic. As mentioned above, they work on the principle of “compression” so they are capable of compressing your fat cells and they do so within minutes. Yes, you can actually look thinner than usual by simply wearing it for a few minutes. You may get the fat back after some time, but you can beautify yourself for the time being. store brings you the ultra-quality slimmer belts of different at reasonable prices and guaranteed quality. You can contact the customer care department for details if you have a query in your mind. The team will be happy to assist you anytime at all. The essence of online shopping is you are never time and travel-bound so you are your own boss while buying. The team actually serves as a guide and gives honest advice. Buy a slimmer to be physically smart, feel light, and enjoy the looks you have ever wished for.

hair building fibers in pakistan

Get Your Lost Hair Shine Back with the Hair Building Fibers!

Everyone wishes to look beautiful, but one can’t achieve it without beautifying hair. The regular shampooing dries up your scalp; therefore, the cease to nourishment becomes inevitable. The majority of people go through hair loss nowadays and it’s only because their scalps don’t get proper care. Just like your bones and nails, your hair, too, needs constant sustenance. The hair building fibers in Pakistan are now available online at They are the perfect solution for hair loss and other related issues. Try it and you will observe a positive outcome within a few days.

What are the Hair Building Fibers and How Do They Work?

The hair building fibers work in a natural way as they are made up of the same protein as hairs’. The organic keratin protein charges up the hair’s protein and binds with it through intertwining. As a result, the lost health comes back and your hair shines again. Now, the question is whether or not is it suitable for both men and women? Well, it isn’t gender-specific and you can use it without taking sex into consideration.

It’s a secret tool that has been used by both men and women to relive their lives by getting their hairs’ lost shine back. Since it’s simple to use, people all over the world prefer to use it. Luckily, it’s now available in Pakistan in different markets, but not as conveniently as it is accessible at Buy the hair building fiber at Getnow online store by simply ordering it online at your fingertips and it will be delivered to your doorstep within four to five working days. What is more, it is available at the most reasonable prices so not only do you save your traveling expenses, but some additional money, too.

How to Use Hair Building Fiber?

One of the reasons for a massive customer demand is its easy usage. It’s as simple as oiling your hair as all you have to do is hold the container over the thin hairline and rub it gently when it pours out. It will only take a few seconds for it to mingle, entwine, and strengthen your hair again. The hair building fiber perfectly heals the effete hair and makes them look strengthened and full. It does so by filling the thinning areas; thereby concealing the hair loss once and for all. There are several brands of hair building fibers available in market but Toppik Hair Fiber and Caboki Hair Fiber are amongst the most renowned brands nowadays.

What Else Should You Know About the Hair Building Fiber?

Now, all the style freaks must be worrying about their hairstyles and how will they apply all those products! That’s the beauty of this product, actually, because you can style them up in any fashion you like. You are allowed to apply all those hair sprays, brushes, and combs while putting the hair building fiber on. What is more, you can also go out in rain or wind as its long lasting. Other than that, it’s perfectly suitable to use in summers because it’s perspiration-free and remain unaffected by the sweat that emerges on your scalp. Apart from that, it’s easy to take it out with any shampoo of your choice.

buy digital pen quran reader in pakistan Announces 2 Years Warranty on Digital Pen Qurans

We live in an era of advancement where the technology is the king and the rest is its slaves. It has revolutionized the way we used to eat, drink, sleep, and even learn. To make it precise, it has altered our entire lifestyle and some influences are actually very positive. We use several electronic devices from dawn to dusk and we simply can’t imagine our lives without them. From our office works to our prayers, we rely on technological gadgetries. Speaking about our innovative Islamic products, the digital pen Quran technology is an amazing new invention that lets us read and learn Quran in a better and more advanced way. Now you can buy digital pen Quran online at with the two-year warranty.

What is Digital Pen Quran and How Does it Work?

The pen Quran is the latest technological invention, through which, the entire Holy book can be read with ease and perfection. Not everyone is perfect at tajweed and one always needs a guide while recitation. Now, you can keep one right in your pocket and use it anytime you want. The set includes a digital pen with a torch, a charger, and a Holy Quran. You open the book and drag the pen over each line and it will read each word with clarity. What is more, you can listen to the recitation of some famous Qaris. The voices of 25 different and renowned Qaris are stored in it. Meanwhile, you may also listen to the English and Urdu translation and get an insight of what’s written in there.

Now you must wonder how it works! Well, it’s all the game of digital coding. Each word has been printed in a unique way and there are invisible codes hidden underneath. The pen has been programmed according to those codes and it detects each word when it’s dragged over. Try it by pointing it at the beginning ayat and it will read the entire chapter for you. What is more, you may also listen to Tafseer and some other important guidelines such as about Hajj and Umrah. Moreover, some Seerah and Hadith information has also been stored in it so you can also enlighten yourself with them.

Avail 2 Years Digital Pen Quran Warranty at

Now, you don’t have to step out to buy the pen Quran as you can order it online at The pen Quran of Iqra technologies and Dany are available at at reasonable prices. However, the prices vary according to the capacity. The Latest 8GB digital pen Quran by Iqra Technologies is available at Rs. 4499/- with cash on delivery offer. However, digital pen Quran by Dany is a little bit more expensive. Both digital pen Qurans by Dany and Iqra Technologies are highly demanded by the customers. The two-year warranty has enhanced the customer’s trust even more and the buying trend of this specific product has increased.

pakistan day deals pakistan will Offer 23% Discount on Pakistan Day

The 23rd March is one of the commemorated days in Pakistan. People all over the country celebrate this day upon remembering the resolution that was passed for independence. As it is a day of celebration in the country, the shopaholics don’t miss a chance to buy as much as they want.

Keeping the buying trend in mind, the businesses make the most of the buyers’ mind and announce appealing discounts. Just like the brick-and-mortar shops, the online stores follow the same pattern and announce sales. To get the best Pakistan Day sale and discounts, visit as the team is announcing up to 23% off on all the products.

Get the Best Discount Rates on the Pakistan Day at

Since is a one-stop shopping solution, it’s easy for you to buy multiple necessary things without a lot of searching. However, getting discounts on all the products serves as an icing on the cake to your shopping experience. Everybody loves shopping at a lowered price and you get exactly what you look for at

The product list ranges from all kinds of kitchen accessories you need to the cosmetics you want to be in your drawer. What more you can wish for when you can get discounts on the entire product range? Avail the most exciting offer on all the items ranging from electronic gadgetry to clothes and what not.

23% off makes a huge amount, especially if you shop in bulk. Such an offer doesn’t come as easy as you can avail it at The team primarily focuses on providing as much feasibility to its customers as possible. Since the 23rd March is a national holiday in Pakistan and you enjoy shopping on this day, enthralling discounts and sales are announced.

Other than that, the Pakistan Day Sale collection is also available at the store. People, especially kids, like to dress up in green and white on this day. Therefore, the brands and shops marketing their products at are selling special clothes and accessories. The prices of these products are just as low as other items.

Why Should You Buy From

Being a shopaholic, you look for the best of packages. However, there are other important aspects of shopping every buyer needs. One of them is the availability of a wide range of products such as cosmetics, exercise & Fitness and As Seen on TV products. It saves a lot of your time and energy because you don’t have to go to other places for buying different items. What is more, you look for the store where products are available at reasonable prices. Moreover, you need occasional sales and discounts that could save you a good amount of money. And last but not the least, you need fast delivery and secured services even during the seasonal peaks.

You get all of these things at and this is the reason why customers trust this store. Therefore, shop and enjoy the best shopping experience ever. Turn your national holiday into the shopping day and save a handsome amount of your money.

online shopping festivals in pakistan

How Seasonal Events are Big Opportunity to Boost Online Sales

Do you like listening to offers like 30% or 50% off? Are you attracted by the discount offers announced during the seasonal events? The seasonal events are a big opportunity for businesses to boost sales. Just like physical shops, the online stores announce discounts and sale offer during the mega-events.

Believe it or not, it’s nothing else than a mind trick. It’s a business gimmick that smartly grabs customers’ minds and tempts them to buy more. Therefore, it provides a great opportunity for sellers to earn more and grow their businesses. Look how seasonal events are beneficial for online sellers to boost sales in Pakistan.

People Shop More During Seasonal Events

During the events like Eid, people shop more and without thinking much. They focus on making their event valuable by dressing up elegantly. Without a classy outfit, one can’t enjoy the event. On the other hand, people look for other items such as kitchen appliances, bed sheets, décor items, etc. These products help them in planning a memorable event. Moreover, online shopping is highly preferred by most of the customers. In fact, they avoid brick and mortar buying because of the buyers’ rush during seasonal peak. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for the e-commerce businesses to attract customers by announcing appealing deals. Now, the question is how lowering prices during mega-events make a profit?

The discounts and sales are business tricks. People buy something available at off prices and go home happily. They feel jubilant for saving some money, which they actually do. However, the business dealers compensate the prices of products they sell at low prices by increasing the cost of other items. People hardly notice this because they focus on buying cheap items and save their money.

For instance, Eid is the occasion when people need regular home items apart from clothes. There are online shopping stores like and which make use of such occasions by offering top selling products at the most affordable prices.

Why Brands Announce Seasonal Sales?

Let’s understand this by taking an example of clothes. Can you wear winter clothes in summers or vice-versa? No, you can’t! Therefore, brands in Pakistan introduce seasonal collection according to the weather of the country. People avoid purchasing from brands that aren’t up to date. They want a store that updates its collection with seasonal change. Keeping this customer psychology in mind, the brands have to play smartly and make their business strategies accordingly. They clear out their existing stock in order to bring in the new ones and attract customers by announcing sales.

Again, this provides them with a great opportunity to boost sales because business strategies can be tricked easily. The sale offers work both ways- providing benefits to both buyers and sellers. However, they are more beneficial to sellers because it’s nothing more than a business gimmick. People wait a long time and make the most of such offers.

Shop online in pakistan this halloween

Shop Online for This Halloween

Halloween is considered one of the most exciting and unique day of the year. It is not only the celebration for Western people but Eastern community also loves to enjoy these festivity. People wear different costumes, decorate their homes and apply cosmetics that can highlight the purpose of Halloween. As this big day is near, we all are excited to purchase products. There are lots of famous online marketplaces in Pakistan like GetNow that offer amazing deals for this day. Let’s have a look on sorts of goods you can buy for this day!


It is always fun to look different on this day. You can choose your favorite character or celebrity and just be like it. Online marketplaces have lot to sell regarding this concern. There are well-designed costumes which both kids and adults can wear. For example, Spiderman and Batman costumes. Other than that, you can buy simple clothing items like hoodies and t-shirts and be like your favorite personality.


People adore cosmetics but on this special day, there is a huge demand of such products. Everyone likes to put some colors on the face so that they can exhibit their unique identity. Mascara, eye liner and eye shadows are the famous ones. You can also buy lip colors with variety of shades like maroon, brown, black and white. Nail polishes are also apt to buy. Choose nail glitters and show some shimmering style of yours.


Yes, this can make you look wild. Choose some funky collection. It is also best to have unique or vintage jewelry. If you are buying some traditional Indian collection then it will be suitable for making you look like Asian celebrities. Gothic collection is also fun. Buy this variety and add colors like black and grey to your looks. If you love body piercing, buy some light studs.


Casual to formal, anything can work on Halloween. You just have to create your own style on this day. Buy footwear of enchanting colors and designs. Long boots will work well. Other than that, try some heels and strappy sandals.

It does not matter what your age is, Halloween is for everyone. So celebrate this year with more fun by buying elite collection from online marketplaces. You need to hurry up because the big day is 31st of October!

smart watches in pakistan

Smart Watches Online Shopping Getting Popular Among Pakistani Youth

Smart watches are on the verge of replacing smartphones, and its driving youth absolutely crazy. Just like other countries, the young generation of Pakistan has gone wild over the latest tech innovations of smart watches. The statistical report shows smart watches online shopping is getting popular among the Pakistani youth, and the trend is likely to increase more in the future. Why youngsters love smart watches and what allures them so much? You will get to know as the article unfolds.

Advanced Technology

No one in the past could even think that browsing through watches would ever be possible. Well, the Apple smart watches will soon replace smartphones because it has already introduced web browsing via its own free Wifi. What is more, youngsters are now able to download their favorite apps on those mini gadgets wrapped on their wrists. Furthermore, they can even send text messages or make a call whenever they want. Aren’t these features of the latest smartphones?

Apple has recently announced that native apps will be introduced for these mini wrist computers that will enhance youth’s interest in smart watches. According to the Danielle Levitas, the research and analysis SVP of App Annie, the native app would be an evolution in the watch market and it is going to attract youngsters more than ever.

Smart watches are new to the world and its functions are limited; however, it’s evolving and will soon be the most demanding gadget throughout the world, just like the way smartphones advanced and captured the entire market.

What is the Market Growth?

2014 was the year when smart watches were introduced to the world. The Pakistani youth has been showing interest in it ever since. It was the year when Google announced that it had acquired WIMM- the old smart watch pioneer, and in the same year, Apple introduced the iWatch. Therefore, 2014 was a golden year in the world of watches, despite the fact, there’s a lot of room for development. According to the statistical report on smart watches market, approximately 15 million watches were sold in 2014 that increased up to 37 million by the year 2015.

Most of the smart watches were shipped to Asia than the rest of the continents, and Pakistan was one of those Asian countries that were attracted the most. China was the significant smart watch maker that introduced cheap Android smart watches youth went crazy for.

Youngsters also prefer online shopping of smart watches. Both the Apple and Android smart watches are available on at the cheapest possible price. A sale has also been introduced on these watches so now is the best time to order one. We also have sim supported smart watches. So, are you thinking of gifting one to your kid on his or her next birthday? It sure is a really nice option!

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