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online shopping discount at eid

GetNow.pk to Offer up to 25% Discount for Eid ul Azha Shoppers

Doesn’t it feel like winning a lottery when you get to save some cash while shopping? Don’t you feel excited when you hear about occasional sales? Getnow.pk is one of the fastest growing e-commerce websites in Pakistan where deals are announced on every grand occasion. On Eid 2k17, a 25% off sale was introduced on all the products and public went crazy over it. Saving half of your amount on cheapest to the most expensive products was something no one wanted to miss.

Be it a cosmetics, clothing, men’s watches, electronic item, household, or exercise tools, GetNow.pk reduced prices up to 25% on Eid- the biggest religious festival in Pakistan. Shopping is a must thing-to-do on Eid, and if you get discounts during that, it feels like heaven.

What Are The Most Selling Products on Eid?

Household items and clothes are the most demanding products on Eid festivals. People search for home decors to give a new and trendy touch to their homes. They try their best to celebrate in the best possible way. Similarly, everyone wants a new and fashionable dress for the most special occasion. Therefore, these two categories are the most demanding during the month of Ramadan and through Eid. Men’s T-Shirts are the most demanding items out of all and we observed the same during our sale on Eid.

Women’s Eid is incomplete without a vibrant makeover. They wear trendy clothes and they won’t apply makeup? That’s not possible! The demand for cosmetics and beauty products was also high and it reached its zenith when we announced our sale.

What About Other Products?

Even though demands of electronic products, exercise equipment, and other related items are very low during the Eid season, we introduced sales of those products as well. As soon as the sale was introduced, we observed an increase in the purchase of these products, too. It showed the level of customer satisfaction we have gained as we have been getting positive feedbacks from our customers.

Why People Trust Getnow.pk?

There are several reasons why people trust us more and more. First, our price and quality speak for us. We believe in providing high-quality products to our customers without breaking their bank. Second, we have a dedicated and supporting staff that is ever ready to assist our customers. For information and queries, you can always contact us through the information given on the website. If you need any help, contact our customer service department anytime you want. No matter in which metropolitan city of Pakistan you live, we arrange for you free shipment within 24 to 48 hours. Don’t even worry if you live in a remote city as we have got our hands on each and every area of Pakistan and deliver orders within three to five working days.

power banks in pakistan

How Power Banks Can Make Your Life Easier?

Imagine you are on a road trip and you have to make a very important call, but your phone’s battery shows you a red signal. Doesn’t it piss you off when you are bored somewhere and you just have 5% remaining battery on your phone? Power bank a.k.a. external battery is now here to solve this worry!

It is a small portable battery that you can simply carry in your pocket or bag, and charge your phone through it whenever and wherever you want. These high quality power banks are also available on GetNow.pk – the fastest growing online shopping website in Pakistan. We have prepared for you a brief guide as to how power banks can make your life easier and why should you opt for Getnow.pk to buy one.

  1. Can be Charged According to Your Phone’s Capacity

The battery capacity varies from phone to phone. For instance, for iPhone 6, it’s 2915 mAh. It means, if you have iPhone 6, you need to charge your power bank up at least up to this capacity. Furthermore, it is important to buy a power bank that could match with your phone’s battery capacity

  1. Lifetime Suitability

The lithium polymer batteries used in smartphones and power banks discharge over time. However, the size of battery might vary and the bigger it is, the less need there is to charge it again and again. Smartphones usually discharge pretty soon, so a power bank with a good capacity can charge your phone multiple times. The external batteries at GetNow.pk are affordable, and there is a wide range of battery capacity.

  1. Saves Energy

Keep your phone on airplane mode while charging it through a power bank because most of the smartphones automatically download the updates. When you keep your phone on flight mode, you save energy

  1. Makes Phone Use Easy During Events and Festivals

Isn’t it difficult to charge your phone when there is an event in your home? During these times, your home is in a haphazard situation with all the mess everywhere. It’s hell of a challenge to search for your charger and you have neither time nor energy to do so. In such conditions, power banks play a significant role in making your life easier.

  1. Music and Entertainment

Apart from important emails and calls, sometimes you need entertainment when you are bored during travelling for a trip. Since you are moving from one place to another really quickly, it’s not possible for you to charge your phone. Once again, power banks lets you cash energy from its account and you are all set to transfer it to your phone.

replica watches in pakistan

GetNow.pk to offer Huge Range of Replica Watches Online

Are you looking for an online shopping website to buy replica watches of renowned brands? Do you face difficulties in finding a reliable online source? Getnow.pk is one of the leading online shopping store in Pakistan that offers free shipping throughout the country. It is a source where you can do hassle free shopping of quality replica watches. You can find copies of the latest designs of almost all the brands.

Why Should You Choose Getnow.pk for First Quality Replica Watches?

Apart from having multiple choices, Getnow.pk offers shockingly affordable prices that are hard to find elsewhere. You really don’t need to worry about travelling to your bank for making payment, as you can pay through cash on delivery.

  1. Reliability

We sure as hell know how much a customer needs reliability while shopping, especially while buying an expensive product such as watch; therefore, we have designed our unique exchange and return policy. We have a team of passionate workers who make every possible measure to entertain and satisfy our customer and save them from any troubles. As a result, we offer our customers a simple seven-day return warranty. If you find any faults in the replica watch you buy from us or you simply didn’t like it after receiving, contact our support team and let them know of the issue. They will surely get back to you and suggest a solution.

  1. Ease

We have a separate section for men’s and women’s replica watches, so it saves both time and energy. If you have a limited budget, you can apply filter located at the right-hand side of the window, and the watches within the selected range will be shown to you. Sometimes, we announce sales during which, prices are reduced even more. You can select the first quality copy of watches of your own choice and add to cart, or if you have any questions regarding the products and services, you can also call us at the numbers given at the top of the website. Our team tries its best to answer your questions so that you may have a trouble-free shopping experience.

Get Access to Replica Watches of All Renowned Brands

We have men’s replica watches of almost all of the famous watches brands in the world and the quality is guaranteed. The designs are the exact same as the original ones that it gets hard to distinguish between both. The list of available brand replica watches includes Rolex, DW, Casio, Rado, Calvin Klein, Armani, Seiko, Quartz, Swiss watches, and others. Getnow.pk is soon to be the Pakistan’s number one online store for sports and LED watches. The availability of watches is irrespective of gender and age so children, young, old, men, and women can find a watch of their choice. We bet you won’t regret once you make a buying decision with us.

online shopping in pakistan vs traditional malls

Online Shopping Stores Vs Traditional Malls

The word “shopping” brings a smile on everyone’s face, especially women’s. Just like everything else, the Internet has changed the way we used to shop before. Until the past few years, we just had one way of shopping and for that, we had to step out of our homes, drive to the mall, chose the things we need to buy, pay for them, and then load them into our car and drive back home. It’s a pretty lengthy process, right? Well, now we have another option that is simpler and less time-consuming. What is the difference between online shopping and traditional malls in Pakistan? I am going to answer this question as the article unfolds.

The online shopping isn’t an ancient concept in Pakistan. It has become common only during the past few years. Even though a huge population relies on online shopping now, there are some who still don’t prefer it.

The Difference of Haggling

The first reason is that most of the sellers in the traditional malls accept bargaining and women feel comfortable in negotiating the prices. This is something that isn’t available on the web. You have to select the product along with the mentioned price whether you like it or not. It’s simpler, but it’s kinda rigid with no flexibility.

The Level of Comfort and Satisfaction Differs

Secondly, a level of comfort is reached when you feel a product and try it. There are a few things like footwear, shirts, etc in which size is of supreme concern. Therefore, satisfaction doesn’t come while buying such products from the Internet. Even though most of the retailers offer a return policy, it takes time that most of you don’t like.

Also, you can never be sure what product will come to you when you shop online. Especially when you are buying from a source for the first time, you never know about their services so you can’t trust. Online shopping is still growing in Pakistan and some of the retailers are already struggling in this field. Basically, you risk your money at that time, something that never happens in the traditional malls.

There is a Difference in Access to the Variety

However, most of the Pakistani brands now upload their products on their official websites and engage their customers through the Internet. As a result, they remain updated and get access to a wide range of variety. Traditional shopping is tiresome in Pakistan because of the conditions and weather, especially in summers. On the web, you can find all the available products, and if you have any queries, you can also call the source and ask. In the traditional malls, you get to a place after utilizing both your time and energy and you never know what variety is available, and sometimes, you end up buying nothing and get back home. It’s pretty much annoying!

online shopping easier life

How Online Shopping Can Make Your Life Better & Easier

Online shopping is a greener way of shopping. Today, the human life is easier than ever due to the advent of Internet. We can perform complex tasks at our fingertips that took several hours in the past. These tasks include paying bills, buying tickets, applying for a job, or shopping for anything at all. Apart from multiple benefits online shopping hold, the most important advantage for me is it saves me a great deal of time and energy.

Online shopping can be a time-consuming process for some of you who aren’t much into the Internet, which is very rare nowadays. However, it gets pretty simpler when you try it a few times. Here’s how online shopping saves you time and energy!

Travel Time and Energy is Saved

We all are busy in our lives and hardly have a day off in our weeks. We like to sleep or party when we have a holiday. Outdoor shopping takes all of your time if you need to buy something. First, you have to drive to the mall which isn’t near your home, usually. Driving and parking require not only time but a handsome amount of energy, too. Online shopping facilitates you up to a point that things are delivered at your doorsteps and you don’t have to step an inch out.

Saves Time of Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is something you need to do on weekly basis and it takes a lot of time to select minor kitchen items. You find a list of grocery items at the online marketplaces and all you have to do is select the product and the quantity. Add to cart and the items will be delivered to your home. Since groceries are urgently needed, most of the services deliver them the next day. So, you can enjoy partying or sleeping on your holiday rather than wasting time in shopping.

Saves Time and Energy of Compulsive Buying

Compulsive shopping is a waste of time, energy, as well as money. When you go out for shopping, some products of your interest have a magnetic effect on you and you can’t resist buying them. It happens, and its normal! Inability to touch and feel a product is both a blessing and a curse of online shopping, but whatever it is, it sure as hell saves your time and energy. Going out for shopping, getting unnecessarily allured to a product, bargaining for it, and then, finally buying it is a process in which you waste both your energy and time.

Bulk Buying Made Easy

You have to be energetic enough to hold kilos of items. When you do bulk buying, you have to carry it to your home as well. Taking heavy items to your car takes energy, and it also takes more than usual time. Online shopping saves you from hustle and bustle of the market because no matter how heavy the products are, it’s not your worry.

Time is money! So, why not save it by opting for online shopping?

women outrank men in pakistani online shopping

Women Outrank Men in Pakistani Online Shopping Trends

Online shopping trend has been increased rapidly in Pakistan during last few years. Whether men or women, both are browsing and spending a lot of time searching their favorite products. Everyone wants to save money, time and energy. Just with few clicks, you can purchase anything of your choice. Thanks to the internet for providing so much convenience to us. It has been observed that females spend more time than men in shopping online because they are always addicted to shop and buy new attractive products.

It is a sincere advice that is careful males; women are outranking in online shopping now. They use their smartphones or tablets and do a lot of search in their free time. It has observed that women are much more interested in marketing campaigns and discounts. They look for new stores for purchasing and getting good deals. Mostly men buy expensive products, although they don’t shop more.

It becomes hard for women to go out and do shopping because they have to look after household chores. The Internet has made this possible that they are now independent and confident to buy their accessories just by clicking. No more wasting time or energy.

Women are more selective and choosy as compared with men. They buy gifts for others and for future needs. They are always in search of deals and discounts. While on the other hand, men buy products immediately, either they don’t have the time or they do not want to waste it. They are less interested in out – of – season deals and think logically.

According to a research:

  • Women do more online shopping than men.
  • They are bargain hunters.
  • They have handmade items.
  • They have outranked men.

A lot of variety is found on famous online stores ranging from cooking utensils to cosmetics. Men and women approaches are different. It is a fact that women love to do shopping and when talking about online buying, there is no comparison.

It is indeed a blessing for Pakistani women, which are why they are higher purchasers in number. They can buy products while sitting at home because in our culture it becomes tough to go outside and do shopping. We are living in a modern era, getting information online has many benefits, it is an easy, quick and convenient process to do shopping online as it provides you better options and saves your time as well.

Females outrank males in Pakistani online shopping trends; it is increasing at a steady pace. Women love shopping and for that purpose, they like to spend their time in markets but now the trend of shopping is totally changed and everything is available by just a simple click.

girls guide to shopping online in pakistan

A Girls Guide to Shopping Online in Pakistan

We are living in the era where advancement has brought a great change to our lifestyle. Yes, you get it right! Online shopping becomes a popular trend in Pakistan. Especially, girls love to purchase their favorite item from different online podiums. No doubt, online platforms offer you a wide variety of items in different quality, colors and material. In short, online shopping is a kind of electronic commerce that made purchasing easy for everyone while staying at your home.

A Brief Girls Guide to Shopping Online in Pakistan

According to experts, online shopping has not only made shopping easy for customers, but also a way to expand your business worldwide. A recent survey has shown that usually girls face certain problems while purchasing things online. Therefore, below are a few things that girls should know while shopping online in Pakistan.

The Platform should be Professional and Reliable

Always keep in mind that whenever you plan to shop online, make sure you are selecting the right platform for you. Nowadays, a lot of online platforms are offering different amazing products, services and offers; but it does not mean that they are reliable. Before placing your order, make sure to check out their reliability, customer’s feedback about their services and their mode of delivery.

Your Money is Valuable

Girls make sure when you are planning to shop online, don’t forget to check out the modes of paying. It would be great to prefer online platforms that offer cash on delivery services. A recent report has shown that online shopping is a way to get your desired item at your doorstep, but risky as well when it comes to quality and payment. Therefore, always prefer reliable, professional and famous websites or platforms for shopping. Cash on delivery is the best service, a social podium can offer.

Don’t compromise on Quality

Girls usually adore to purchase cosmetics, dresses, footwear and accessories from online platforms. Therefore, ladies you really need to check out the quality of the product before investing your money. For this, you can avail the contact us or talk to us option available on the websites. Assure that you are investing your money in the right place. After all, the quality of the products really matters, so be cognizant.

Avoid giving extra information

Whenever you do online shopping, always remember not to provide extra personal information. In short, you just need to provide your house number and contact number. There is no need of providing your credit card or account number to the retailer.

Time is Money

The last but not the least; girls should prefer the website that delivers your order within 14 working days. Moreover, prefer the site where you can contact the retailer easily through number or email. In fact, nowadays every brand use to offer online services to their customers, so avail this great opportunity and enjoy your shopping at your door step without wasting your precious time wandering in the markets.

as seen on tv product pakistan

As Seen on TV Products Getting Popular in Pakistan

The idea of shopping online is trending rapidly in Pakistan. You can easily get a hand on the fascinating brands and products that you see on your TV screen by just logging on to your computer, laptop and even on your smartphones. All you need to do is to just go to an online shopping store, browse for the required and demanded product, search for the product that fulfill all your requirements and then order it through an easy online system.

Now it has become easier to buy the products that are even not advertised on television. When we say that the brands that are advertised on TV can be bought through online shopping system, this also includes the brands that are not very much common in entertainment media. But yes, these products are made available on the demand of customers. There are a number of products that are not advertised for ethical and moral reasons. But in reality, the case is a bit different. If a product is not advertised in accordance to the rules set by the society, this doesn’t mean that the product is not needed by the public. For example, undergarments and other such products don’t advertise on TV but yes, they are a vast volume of customers that are taking interest in online shopping of such products.

Products that are advertised online are original as seen on TV screens. When the online shopping system was not common in Pakistan, people usually thought that the product would not be as good as it is represented in the ads. But now the situation is different, as more and more people are into this experience now.

Most of the times, as seen on TV products have comparatively low price of an online shopping system. As the TV advertisements take into a lot of expenditure for the publicity of just one product. While online shopping system is easier, handier and much cheaper. Apart from all these products, there are a number of newly invented products, especially related to kitchen accessories and interior decoration. These things are not usually advertised on TV screens right after their invention. But these are mostly advertised and introduced on social media sites first. So, using this opportunity, one even gets a chance to avail the facility even before it is seen on the TV.

t-shirts & hoodies in Pakistan

T-Shirts & Hoodies are among Top Selling Clothing Online

We are living in a world where your intellect and appearance, both play an important role in accomplishing your goals. Especially, if we talk about men than their dressing is a plus point for them to get admiring and professional appearance among others. It is a universal truth that the affiliation of a man towards his T-shirt can’t be denied. You can simply appear handsome and stylish in a T-shirt, whether you are going to hangout, party or on an official dinner.

T-shirts & Hoodies in Pakistan – Fashion Icons

In simple words, T-shirts and hoodies are the backbone of every men’s dressing. T-shirt is an attire that can make your appearance elegant and classy, whatever the occasion is. However, now the question is which style should be preferred in t-shirts as well as from where you should purchase? Well, nowadays the trend of online shopping is quite common in Pakistan.

There is a wide variety of T-shirt for men available in the market as well as on different online platforms, you can select from. Therefore, it totally depends on your choice that whether you are looking for polo shirts, muscle fit T-shirts, printed shirts, long sleeves t-shirts or sleeveless one. However, there are few things that should be kept in mind while buying t-shirt for men.

  • The t-shirt you purchase should look good on your physique.
  • The factor of color selection while purchasing t-shirt cannot be overlooked.
  • The design of the t-shirt is very important, so be choosy.
  • It would be great to prefer the branded t-shirt for you, instead of going to the local market.
  • Make sure to invest your money on the right t-shirt, so don’t compromise on the quality or fabric.

Sleeveless T-shirts for Men

Nowadays, the fashion of sleeveless t-shirt is very popular among boys. No doubt, printed and multicolor lining sleeveless t-shirts look adorable on men of every age group. You can wear gym sleeveless T-shirts with a black blazer and denim to appear attractive and stylish. In fact, there are a number of online platforms that offer multiple pack t-shirts at affordable prices for men. So, time to groom yourself this year by investing your money on the right pair of t-shirt. Jeans and sneakers also look amazing with sleeveless t-shirts for men.

Full-sleeves T-shirts for Men

Nowadays, winter season is going on; so wearing full-sleeve t-shirt is the best option for men. Especially, if you are a professional person then wearing full sleeves t-shirt with coat and jeans will make your appearance admiring and sophisticated among others. Dress shoes or boots are best to prefer with your full-sleeves t-shirt. Additionally, long-line and muscles fit t-shirts in bold colors also look awesome on men. So, gear up and appear versatile this year by updating your wardrobe by purchasing perfect pair of t-shirts for you.

The last but not the least; your money and time both are important. Therefore, always choose the best for you whether you are buying it online or from any outlet. Do not ever compromise on the quality of your attire.

online shopping pakistan

Online Shopping: A Great Way to Save Time & Money

With the passage of time, online shopping becomes a trend among people in Pakistan. No doubt, purchasing your favorite items while sitting at home is a fun as well as you can save your time. There are various online shopping platforms that offer a wide range of high-quality products for their customers at very affordable rates. However, the majority of individuals seems baffled when it comes to the query whether online shopping plays any role in saving the money and time.

Well, this is true that online purchasing can help you to save your time and money as well as full of fun. It would not be wrong to say that online shopping in Pakistan becomes an alternative way to save your time, especially if you are a working individual. Online buying your favorite items not only makes the task easier, but quicker as well. It is a way to invest your money rightly sitting on your desktop. In short, this is the most convenient way of shopping for everyone. Online shopping in Pakistan makes easy for you to enjoy the technology at your doorstep.

Online Shopping – A Great Way to Save Money

For instance, if we talk about petrol charges, then you will observe that one trip to any local market can cost too much more than you could pay for any of your favorite items like a branded handbag. Therefore, online buying in Pakistan is becoming a trend because you can easily save your money in this way.

All of us are quite familiar with this fact that ladies always love to purchase new dresses and other items for them. So, online shopping is a way for them to order their favorite items at their doorstep without going out. In simple words, online purchasing is an ideal way to save your car fuel, money and can remain stress-free.

Online Shopping – A Great way to Save Time

Online buying in Pakistan becomes a fashion because it also plays a vital role to save your precious time. It is true that we are living in a world where your each and every second is important. Nowadays, the majority of individuals hardly gets time to go out to the shopping because of hectic life routine. Therefore, if you are also one of them, then online shopping is a trouble free way for you to get your desired items at your doorstep.

A large number of platforms are offering online shopping services to their customers at a reasonable rate, so avail the technology and make your life comfortable. The last but not the least; online shopping not only saves your time, but you can enjoy a wide range of choices available for you. In short, you don‘t need to visit each and every shop to find out your favorite item. On online platforms, you can enjoy a versatile variety in every category and purchase it within two clicks that is not possible in real life.