Pedi Pistol Pedicure with 10 Heads

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Reaches Toe Nails & Heels Without Bending Over
Gives You Smooth & Beautiful Feet
Easily Trim, Shape & Polish
Easily Remove Calluses & Dead Skin
Includes 10 Precision-Crafted Heads


Buy Pedi Pistol Pedicure with 10 Heads in Pakistan from

Pedi Pistol pedicure with 10 Heads reaches your toe nails and heals without bending. It gives you beautiful and smooth feet. It is a revolutionary pedicure system done at home, with extra-long arms and crafted heads that help you easily reach the toe nails. No more straining your back.

With the help of Pedi Pistol pedicure kit has become so easy and relaxing at home. It is motorized which is great for removing calluses and filling the toe nails. It polishes the nails and does cuticles as well. Pedi Pistol pedicure comes with 10 precision heads that are perfectly designed to give you great results at home. Now enjoy perfect saloon pedicure at home. Its motorized system easily reaches heels and toe nails, making your feet smooth and silky. It is a long tool that works without giving pain to your back. It shapes, straightens, trims and smooths the nails. It removes the cuticles and calluses and give amazing results. So save your money and time now.

Pedi Pistol Pedicure gives you beautiful and smooth feet. You can reach toenails and heels without bending. It easily trims polishes or shapes. Pedi Pistol removes dead skin and calluses.

It has many different features including sculpting, shaping or smoothing. You can do a professional pedicure at home and get beautiful feet. It is very easy to use and give amazing results.

We spent lots of money while visiting saloons and getting pedicures. Now it is possible to get soft and clean feet at homes with the help of Pedi Pistol. No need to bend for cleaning. It is specially designed to help you reach every corner of your toe with ease. Do all the activities with a pistol in hand. No more going to parlors or salons, no wastage of money and your precious time. Get amazing results at your home now with this unique and durable product.

Pedi Pistol Pedicure with 10 Heads in Pakistan

Pedi Pistol Pedicure With 10 Precision Heads

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