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Buy Best Quality Hijama Cupping Therapy Tool Kit Set Online in Pakistan

Cupping has been practiced in World for thousands of years for the treatment of diseases and pain.
With those new cups, there’s no got to use fireplace because the ancient bloodletting medical care from now on.
It created the applying of the bloodletting additional simply and safely.
It has not solely improved effectivity however conjointly simplified the procedures of bloodletting medical care.
The improved plastic cups for ancient Chinese bloodletting medical care square measure currently offered for provide.
In China, those new cups square measure highly regarded for family bloodletting treatment.

  • 12 different size cups
  • Smooth edge cups for comfort
  • Easy to use pressure release valves
  • Removable biomagnetic points
  • ISO9001 quality and FDA registered manufacturer
    Cupping Info Quantity
    5.8 cm (inner diameter) 2
    5.0 cm (inner diameter) 2
    4.2 cm (inner diameter) 2
    3.5 cm (inner diameter) 2
    2.6 cm (inner diameter) 2
    1.6 cm (inner diameter) 2
    Magnetic Points or “Needles”
    North Pole Magnetic Points(blue) 4
    South Pole Magnetic Points (red) 4
    Connector Tube 1
    Suction Pump 1
    100% Genuine KangZhu Cupping set,
    Shipping via PakPost, takes about 3 days
    Check out our store for 12 cupping set 10 boxes whole sale lot
    Great for personal, clinic, hospital, and so on.

This 12 Pcs Hijama Set is made of very good and long lasting quality. The cups easily stick after pumping. It is made in China but the quality is excellent. It’s confirmed that you will love this product due to its amazing benefits.

Hijama treats so many conditions including back pain, headache, asthma, depression, skin problems and so on. Its procedure is very simple and it has dramatic effects.

We can enjoy like only if we have a healthy life. Our health’s well-being totally depended on the flow of blood. Do its necessary to purify it. This Hijama cupping set has wonderful pulling power which reduces pain and gives a feeling of comfort.

Modern medical sciences have proved the benefits of this therapy and encourage everyone to follow it, to reduce their pain. It removes dead blood cells and gives excellent results. It’s amazing procedure fulfill all your requirements.

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Hijama Kit Cupping Therapy Tools Kit in Pakistan

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