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Insert the bat­ter­ies within press “on” switch, the prod­uct will ordi­nally and repeat­edly from Function 1 to Func­tion 9
Strong massagerl-Reasonable massage-Soft massage-rub-Soft knead– Mod­er­ate knead-Well-built beat-Soft beat-Moderate beat.
If press “on/off” switch again, it will stop working.
Press “Mode” each time, it will work accord­ing to your each choice From 1–9 they are Strong mas­sager– Mod­er­ate massager-Soft massager-Knead-Soft knead-Moderate knead-Strong beat-Soft beat-Moderate beat.
Press Timer, 3 min­utes or 5 min­utes as option to set your by means of time.

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Eye Massager is very beneficial for those who have migraines, headaches and eye strain issues. Nowadays, there are many people who work for hours in front of computers or other activities that put lots of pressure on eyes. This results in tired eyes and other problems. Headache is a common issue suffered by many of us. Manual eye massage can be really helpful, but it’s not possible all the time. Therefore Eye Massager in Pakistan available at store will work wonders for you. Use it anytime and anywhere. Just sit and relax, and let the magic begin. Watery red eyes, severe headache strain, all can be cured by using only one product. Due to long hours of working and stress, irritation occurs in our eyes and we want to get relaxed. Therefore using this Eye Therapy Massager will benefit us in number of ways.

Product Description:

  • Very simple to use, insert batteries and press “ON”. Almost 9 functions are there: strong massage, reasonable massage, soft massage, sub-soft knead, moderate knead, well – built beat, soft beat, moderate beat.
  • By pressing ‘ON/OFF’ switch again, it will stop working.
  • You have to press “mode” each time for your favorite option.
  • Press timer, 3 minutes or 5 minutes, according to your wish.

Get Discounted Eye Massager Price in Pakistan

It is an electronic device that is very useful to remove eye strains and headaches, without using any pain killers. This product reduces fatigue and relaxes your eye area, without any efforts. People who do not work in front of computers or other activities putting efforts on eyes, it is very beneficial for them. Itchy eyes, dark circles, puffiness, redness, all can be reduced. Getnow store is offering discounted Eye Massager Price in Pakistan with free shipping offer across Pakistan. This eye massager machine will help you relax tired muscles and uncomfortable feelings around the eyes area.

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